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Cabinet Spice Racks

Our cabinet spice racks come in so many different sizes and styles, that you will find it difficult to choose which one you like the most. For instance, our SR-1 series cabinet spice racks are sized to be perfect for installing between the studs in a wall. And our SC-2 series spice cabinets all mount directly on the wall. But they are also sized to be able to be mounted on a cabinet or the back of a pantry door. Each model comes with various size openings so that they can accommodate different size spice jars and bottles. Although the standard cabinets are 2.5" deep, you can also choose from a 3.5" depth or a 5.5" depth model if you need additional space. Often times, the deeper models are also used for canned goods! Our cabinet spice racks are solid wood, and they are screwed together to last a lifetime.

We have 18 different door styles you can choose from, so you can customize the cabinet just for your needs. You can get them unfinished, or you can order them finished in any of our 20 colors (half are stains, half are enamel paint finishes). We also have our cabinet spice racks in recessed in-the-wall models as well, and they range in heights from 18" high on up to 78" high, and you can also get them as a double door model. So if you have a lot of spices...you have come to the right place to house them! So don't leave your spices in a box in the pantry or on some carousel where you have to dig through them every time you want to find one. Instead, put them in one of our Spice Cabinets and you be organized like the best Chefs.

SC-1 all wooden construction spice cabinet SC-2 SC-2DD, a double door version of our spice cabinets!    
SC-1 SC-2 SC-2DD    

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