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Magazine Racks

Our recessed magazine racks come in so many varieties, you'll find it difficult to choose which one you like best!  Every rack has a whole host of options that you can choose in order to customize the product for your particular needs.  It is so easy to do a magazine rack in your bathroom, but you can increase the value of your home simply by using built in products such as these.  You can choose from options such as our MEGA TP Option, allowing you to use any size roll on the market today with ease.  

We have various options including different frame options. There are even some of our models which are designed to go ON the wall, or surface mount, rather than being recessed in the wall. As with all of our products, you can order our magazine racks in either unfinished or finished in one of our 20 colors. Or you can get it in a Ready to Paint version where you can paint it yourself.

We can also finish them in a color of your choice if you like.  Or we also have the ability to custom color match your paint.  The possibilities are truly endless.  And if you don't see exactly what you want, we can custom build it for you!  So sit back and browse a while.  We know you'll find just the right magazine rack for you!


All wood magazine rack, the MR-2 MR-3 MR-4 MR-5 MR-6
MR-2 MR-3 MR-4 MR-5 MR-6
MR-9 MR-10 Wood frame dual toilet paper magazine rack, the MR-12 MR-13 Wooden frame bathroom magazine holder, the MR-14
MR-9 MR-10 MR-12 MR-13 MR-14
MR-15 MR-16 MR-17 MR-18 MR-19
MR-15 MR-16 MR-17 MR-18 MR-19

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