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Media Cabinet

Ever since the first 45 records, Media Cabinet has always been a problem and remains so today.  Even though we've gone from records to cassettes to CD's and now to DVD's and e-storage, the same problem remains...where to go with it all.  Of course Cloud storage is the best solution, but it's not always practical.  Many of us still have older versions of media that we don't want to part with.  That might include cassettes, records, CD's, and who doesn't have a collection of movies either on VHS or DVD?  So where do you go with all of it?

Sometimes the best solution is right in front of you...an in-the-wall Media Cabinet unit offers flexible space for all your media, but it takes up almost no room and looks great to boot.  Our Media Cabinet units come in various heights and can handle most types of media.  Adding several of these is the perfect way to finish out a Home Theater room.  But storing media isn't all these units are great at!  You can put them in a hallway or bathroom so that you can load them up with linens.  That puts the linens right at hand where you need them.  Add a door to one of the units and it becomes a beautiful storage cabinet where you can put all types of things away.

Our Media Cabinet units typically come as single units, but if you need a double wide or larger unit, we can certainly accommodate that easily because the units are modularly constructed.  And the single units are sized just right so that you can easily put them side by side in adjacent stud bays.  So you've got all sorts of options for Media Cabinet...so let's get shopping!

MC-4, all wooden construction media cabinet with door! MC-1 MC-160 MC-260 MC-329, CD and DVD in-the-wall shelving unit.
MC-4 MC-1 MC-160 MC-260 MC-329

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