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Pantry Cabinets

Our Pantry Cabinets are so versatile, you just might want one in every room!  Pantry cabinets are often found in the kitchen, but many of our customers actually use them in bathrooms as well because they create such a wonderful storage cabinet and yet they don't take up any floor space because they go between the studs in the wall!  Our Pantry Cabinets come in various heights from 54" high on up to 78" high, and you can have one that is single wide (one stud bay), or you can also get them in double wide units (two stud bays), or more!

While they normally come with wood shelves, you can get glass shelves if you want that.  Many door styles are available so that you can customize the cabinet to meet your needs.  And we offer several depth options as well.  If you have standard 2x4 walls, you can stick with the stock depth cabinet, or you can choose our very popular SixforFour option.  This option gives you a 5.5" deep cabinet that is made for standard 2x4 walls.  So 4" of the cabinet is in the wall and the remainder is outside the wall but it is cleverly disguised by the special unique trim we use.  There are so many ways to customize your Pantry Cabinet, we're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for.  And if you need something custom built, we can do that too!

SC-254 SC-260 SC-266 SC-272 SC-278
SD-154 SD-160 SD-166 SD-172 SD-178
WC-11 WC-454 WC-454DD WC-460 WC-460DD
WC-466 WC-466DD WC-472 WC-472DD WC-478

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