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Recessed Medicine Cabinets

You're going to really love all of the choices you have with our Recessed Medicine Cabinets! First of all, we are the only manufacturer we know of that actually produces a Recessed Medicine Cabinet that does NOT have a mirror door as the standard door! All of our recessed medicine cabinets come with an inset panel door as the standard door, but we have 18 different door styles you can have as an option...including three different mirror doors if you really want that. We even have a new model available which is frameless! So only the door itself is outside the surface of the drywall. That gives you the clean look many people are looking for. We have various options you can choose to customize your cabinet including several different depth options, various frames to make a different look, as well as many other options.

You can choose to option your Recessed Medicine Cabinet with Blum concealed hinges, the best on the market today, as well as various colors of hardware. All of our recessed medicine cabinets comes with fully adjustable glass shelves inside, but you can option them with wood shelves if you desire. All of our cabinet doors (except raised panel doors) are "convertible doors". This means that you can change out the center panel and change it to a mirror door, a glass panel door, frosted glass, art glass, nearly anything you can dream up! And the best part...we can also build any of our cabinets to custom sizes if you need that. So if you have an existing opening in your wall and you want a cabinet to fit that...we can do it! You will not find any other manufacturer that can do everything we can do, and for anywhere near the price we do it for!

WC-1, our all natural custom wood recessed medicine cabinet! WC-4 WC-418 WC-418DD offers a double door version of our popular wood medicine cabinet. WC-430ws
WC-1 WC-4 WC-418 WC-418DD WC-430ws

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