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Toilet Paper Holders Magazine Racks Medicine Cabinets Spice Racks Niches

Our Return Policy

Full Assembly / Shipping Charges

Among our many options you can select is the option of Full Assembly. Full Assembly means that we have completely assembled your product. For cabinetry, we CANNOT ship them with the doors attached (or knobs) as damage will most likely occur. So we will mount the door, then remove it for shipping. You can simply screw the door back on in the same screw holes we used. Our website is very specific on Full Assembly in that it lets you know that in some cases, it can cause your shipping to be higher since we aren't able to package the item the way that we normally would. Sometimes it requires a larger box for instance. By ordering Full Assembly, you have agreed and understood this. In those instances, once the product is packaged and weighed, we will adjust your shipping charge if needed to cover the actual cost of the shipping. We do not charge handling fees, simply the list cost of the actual shipping to get the item to you via FedEx Ground which is always lower than UPS costs.


We go to great lengths in packing our items to ensure their safe arrival to you. However, in the event that your item arrives damaged, please contact us via email or phone and we will instruct you what to do. We will make a choice to have you either return the damaged item at our expense, or we may simply send a replacement. We will file a claim for damages, but be sure to save all packaging, etc. since the carrier may wish to inspect the package for the damages. Returns MUST be sent back via FedEx or UPS Ground ONLY. We WILL NOT reimburse for more than the standard Ground shipping rate to return a damaged item (even if you had to have it packaged up or if you send it back 2nd Day or Overnight.) It is the responsibility of the customer to retain the original packaging should a return be necessary, therefore we will not reimburse for packaging costs. Items must be packaged up in the same manner as they came to you to avoid damage. We will not accept damaged items upon return. If an item is damaged upon your returning it to us, you will need to file a claim for damages with the carrier.
We ship worldwide. Orders to Alaska and Hawaii will calculate using UPS rates. If you email or phone in, we can take your order over the phone and get you USPS rates to those States which will be much less. For Canadian orders, you will need to email or phone in with the product(s) and options you are looking at, as well as your postal code. That way, we can determine the size of box that will be required, as well as the weight of the items. We can then take that information and look up current USPS Priority Mail rates to your postal code in Canada. We do not ship UPS to Canada because you would end up paying broker fees on your end. FOREIGN COUNTRIES: Please phone or email to determine the cost and place your order. Some items are too large and cannot ship to foreign countries via any shipping method that would be reasonable. We will need to know the product(s) and options you are wanting to order as well as your full address so that we can determine what the cost for shipping would be for you.


As with any handcrafted item, a small defect can occur. All of our products are handcrafted with pride, not factory machine mass produced. However, rest assured, that no piece leaves our workshop with a major defect. Any major defects found will be repaired before shipment. Finishes are triple inspected prior to shipment. We do not manufacture high-end cabinetry. We custom handcraft a high quality product for you. What's the difference? With high-end cabinetry, the cabinet shop sweats every little detail. They bookmatch woods for grain, every piece is not only sanded but hand polished. Every joint, every cut, every swirl mark is held to the highest standard. You can have this level of detail, but if you can even find a cabinet shop willing to make a product such as these for you, they WILL charge you three to four times the price. We produce a high quality product and it satisfies 99% of our customers. We get very few returns each year. We spend enough time on the product to do a high quality job with it, but we don't get into high-end level of detail.

Change Orders

If you make changes to an order after 24 hours (when work has commenced on your order), a Change Order fee of 15% will apply. If your shipping address changes before your order ships, please let us know. Fedex does charge a fee for package re-routing. If we are not informed of your address change, we cannot know that you have moved. If Fedex charges us a package re-route fee and we did not have your current address at the time of shipment, we will charge that fee to your order.

Cancelling Orders

Our products take time to make. They do not simply spit out of a machine! Our typical lead time can range anywhere from 3-6 weeks which is dependent on a number of factors such as the number and complexity of orders we're currently working on, type of product you are ordering, etc. We do offer a couple of options which can help you if you need a product faster. Those options are explained on the website under the Customization category. Because we try to minimize the lead time on our products as much as we can, we use suppliers which produce our cabinet doors and/or glass. These parts are ordered from our suppliers within hours of receiving an order on our site. Our suppliers do not allow cancellations and/or changes to an order after 24 hours - this is standard industry practice. So when an order is cancelled by the customer, we are left with those parts and pieces, and it could be months or even years before we have another order which would use those exact size parts - especially with all of the customizations and sizes we offer. That is why when your product is already being built, and you must cancel your order, a restocking fee most definitely WILL apply. This restocking fee can be up to 75%. It is not our intention to profit from cancelled orders, we are merely recouping our costs.

About Wood Products

Any genuine wood product breathes. Wood is porous and so it naturally either accepts moisture or evaporates moisture so that it can match the moisture level of the air surrounding it. This natural process can cause things such as slight warping, bending or seam shrinking, etc. to occur. This is not a manufacturing defect, but rather a natural characteristic of real wood. About stain finishes: Since our products are made from solid wood, if you order a stained finish such as Espresso, do not expect it to look like something you would buy in a store. All store bought finishes on shelves and most put together type furniture are computer generated laminated finishes. These are not true solid wood stained finishes. Our stained finishes will look different because the stain brings out all the nuances in the wood grain. That is the beauty and charm of solid wood products. And since no two trees are identical, no two pieces of wood will take stain the same way. And even different stains will absorb into the wood differently. Water based stains such as Espresso absorb very quickly into the wood - faster than you can wipe it! However, oil based stains penetrate the wood slower and sometimes produce a more even color finish.

If You Need To Make A Return or Exchange

We want you to be able to order with confidence! Please note that you are ordering CUSTOM BUILT products. As would be expected with any custom built product, all sales are FINAL and NO RETURNS are possible. If you refuse shipment of an order, NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED. By ordering your product on our website or over the phone, you understand this and have agreed to it.

Personal Checks

We do accept personal checks, however, there is a 10-day hold placed on your order while your check clears.


We reserve the right to make minor changes to any item from what may be pictured on the website or in our advertising. However, any changes will not materially affect the use or design of the item.


We gladly accept the following forms of payment!

Payment Forms Accepted: American Express, Discover, eCheck, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Check, Money Order.
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