Custom MPU installed in bathroom setting

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Transform the way you manage your home with custom wood products built to your specifications. WG Wood Products is your home for a large selection of cabinets and creative storage solutions.

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Our online shop includes something for every room of your home.

Wood Cabinets

We manufacture wood cabinets in over a dozen different designs, including options that mount to the wall and recessed cabinets that give you more space without taking up any room:

  • On-the-wall cabinets: On-the-wall custom wood cabinets are permanent solutions to your storage needs that are attractive and easy to install. We have many to select from, including wall-mounted medicine cabinets, spice and pantry cabinets, and cabinets for covering access panels.
  • Recessed cabinets: Recessed wooden cabinets are the ideal solution for adding more storage to your home. These custom wood products come in options for virtually every room in the house. Framed and frameless options are both available, and all come with adjustable glass shelves.

Toilet Paper Holders

Our toilet paper holders are innovative products designed to increase your bathroom’s comfort, aesthetic appeal and spaciousness. Options we manufacture to your custom specifications include:

  • Single toilet paper roll holders
  • Double toilet paper roll holders
  • Triple toilet paper roll holders

We also build single and double-roll custom wood products with built-in cabinets and space for spare rolls.

Wall Niches

A wall niche from WG Wood Products is a perfect way to clear your cluttered countertops. They let you take empty space and transform it into built-in, adjustable and low-profile shelving that looks like it came with the home.

Our wooden wall niches are all simple to install whether you’re a seasoned pro or picking up your first tools. You can choose from a wide variety of sizes and styles that are perfect for the kitchen, bath, hallway and more.

Magazine Racks

We build recessed and on-the-wall magazine racks that are the ideal place to organize and store all your bathroom reading. Our styles include options with one, two or three slots with enough space to hold up to eight magazines each. The items we craft also feature a selection of combination magazine racks with built-in toilet paper holders and models with room for spare rolls. Browse our complete list to see all the ways you can customize yours.

Why WG Wood Products?

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture all our custom wood cabinets and storage solutions here in the USA using 100% solid wood. Our team will help you work through the design process to create the one-of-a-kind item you’re looking for and get to work fast building your custom wood products. As a bonus, all orders over $50 sent to addresses in the continental U.S. ship free.

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If you would like help with a design or have questions about our custom wood products, we are happy to help. Please call (913) 829-6000 or connect with us online to get in touch.