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Welcome to WG Wood Products!

We can help you add the perfect Home Accents to your home. Our Magazine Racks, Recessed Toilet Tissue Holders and Wood Medicine Cabinets will add style and functionality to any bathroom. Perhaps you're searching for DVD Shelving or Wood Book Cases to help organize your living room or den. We have a great selection of Media Storage available for you. Proudly display your movie collection with our DVD Media Storage or showcase other collections with a Wood Media Storage rack. You can also show off your music collection with one of our Shelf Systems, which include CD Shelves and Audio Shelves. If you're looking for a display solution for your precious possessions, perhaps one of our Wall Niches, Curio Cabinets or a Speaker Shelving will do the trick.

You're also sure to enjoy our unique recessed Jewelry Cabinet selection. These unique cabinets were designed to look like a wall mirror so that it is not easily discernable that there is a cabinet behind it! Organize and and accessorize your kitchen with one of our quality wall Spice Racks or a Cabinet Spice Rack. Our Spice Cabinets come in both in the wall and door or wall mount versions. Our products will definitely help you to accent what you already have and add quality, warmth and value to your home.

Looking to help organize and clean up your bathroom, too? We know it can be hard to increase the size of a small bathroom storage space, try one of our Medicine Cabinets. We also carry a variety of multi-purpose units that will help you make your bathroom more spacious while hiding the clutter of toiletries and other necessities.

Over the last year, we have been working hard to "resetting" various product lines. What does that mean? It means that we have taken a product line and re-imagined it. We have looked at every aspect of that product line to see if there are ways that we could improve it. Be that making it easier to install, easier to assemble, giving the customer more shelves, etc. All of these types of improvements just make an already great product even better.

You will love our philosophy of "a la carte" ordering. Each product comes with several options which allow you to customize it to your needs and desires. For some items, it may only be a variety of finish colors, but most products have various options which allow you to change the look, function, or capacity of it. You get a truly custom product without the custom price! But if you actually find that you NEED a custom size or some other customization - do not fret! We can completely customize any of our products - and in many cases, it's already included in the price! Also, be sure to check out our CLEARANCE VALUES items.

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Jewelry Cabinets Curio Cabinets DVD / CD / VHS Shelving Multi-Purpose Units
Jewelry Cabinets Curio Cabinets DVD / CD / VHS Shelving Multi-Purpose Units

Every product is make right here in the U.S.A. and we use lumber and trim that come from fully sustainable forests around the world, so we are as "green" and eco-friendly as we can be. We still take great pride in creating each and every product and I still finish each one by hand. We love what we do and consider it a privelege to be able to do it. This kind of craftsmanship does not happen quickly, however. So we ask for your patience. We simply will NOT rush products in order for you to get them faster. We want to be sure that we have done the best job we can in creating it. We try to run with a lead time of 2-3 weeks. On occasion, that lead time can run from 3-5 weeks depending on the product's complexity and the order volume. Rest assured that your product will get the same care and attention to detail as every product before yours.

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Westmoreland Series Cabinets


Our best selling double door cabinet combines features from many of our other popular selling cabinets. These cabinets are all designed as WALL MOUNTED or ON THE WALL cabinets. Our frameless-recessed design ensures that only the door is on the outside of your wall surface, without the need for a bulky frame behind it. And our frameless on the wall design cleverly needs no frame to take up extra space. Both designs come in sizes ranging from 21" high on to up our 49" high model. Blumotion soft close adapters on each door ensures that a door never slams shut, but softly closes instead. The included automatic motion sensing LED battery operated light allows you to have light in your cabinet just by opening the door, but without the need for any wiring. Constructed from solid pine with solid maple doors, the cabinets are built to last a lifetime.

Baldwin Series Cabinets


Available now! Our newest full line of cabinets. These cabinets were designed with all the extras and upgrades already included, just the way you want them! All Baldwin Series cabinets come with raised panel doors, Blum Concealed Hinges with soft close built into the hinges, Fully adjustable Glass shelves. The recessed in the wall cabinets come in sizes ranging from 18" high on to up our 78" pantry cabinet style, with double wide versions available as well! And they are sized perfectly for placing between studs and can even be mounted side by side in the wall if desired. Constructed from solid pine with solid maple doors, the cabinets are built to last a lifetime. We have thought of nearly everything so you do not have to!

Shaker Style Cabinets

New Shaker!

Available now! Our newest full line of surface mounted cabinets. These cabinets are all designed as WALL MOUNTED or ON THE WALL cabinets and they all use the very popular Shaker Style doors! All Shaker Series cabinets come with Blum Concealed Hinges, and fully adjustable Glass shelves. All Shaker Series cabinets mount easily on the wall with pocket style mounting holes inside the cabinet at the top and bottom. We have designed them with a simple, clean design for a sleek, contemporary look that is as classic as can be. Our Shaker Series cabinets come in nearly 40 different configurations (160 if you count the different depths available!). Single door, Double Door, Triple Door, Pantry style, even combination cabinets, so you are sure to find the medicine cabinet, storage cabinet or display cabinet that you need. Depths range from 2.5" deep, 3.5" deep, new 4.5" depth, 5.5" deep or even 7.25" deep, and heights range from 18" high on up to our 78" high Pantry Style cabinets. There is even a FREESTANDING style Pantry Cabinet! Constructed from solid pine with solid maple doors, the cabinets are built to last a lifetime. We have gotten so many different configurations that it will be hard for you to decide!

Triple Offset On-The-Wall Spice Rack


This spice rack combines some of our best features into a very stylish, and very practical unit. The spice racks come in six different sizes and are easy to hang on the wall with only a few screws. The center section on each rack is 3.5" deep so it is able to handle those larger bulk spice bottles, while the two outer sections are 2.5" deep and those easily handle all the regular spice bottles. We can finish your rack in over 20 colors and these racks come with a color matched backer to hide and protect the wall behind it. Choose a size ranging from the 18" model to the 48" model. Either way, these are totally unique and beautiful spice racks.

Frameless In-The-Wall Cabinets


Our newest creation is our Frameless in the wall cabinetry. Perfect for those customers who want a cabinet in the wall, but don't want it to be any more obtrusive than necessary. This cabinet uses a small thin plastic frame around the cabinet to hide the rough opening of your drywall and it screws to both side studs inside. The new Frameless cabinet comes in sizes ranging from 18" high on up to our largest 78" high Pantry style cabinets. (54" and taller will be located in the Pantry Cabinets category. They come with glass shelves inside which are fully adjustable (Even pantry Cabinets come with glass shelves, but wood shelves are an option if you want them instead). And the best part - you can have these cabinets with any of our Door Styles. The standard door is the inset panel WCD-1 door shown in the photo. Add a Mirror Door to a single unit style Pantry Cabinet and you get a full length mirror if you want it! These cabinets have so many uses for them, not just in the bathroom. In the kitchen, they could be a spice cabinet, or for canned goods or other items. In the garage, a perfect place for car clean-up supplies. And as with all of our cabinets, there are many options you can choose from in order to customize them to your particular needs such as options depths, etc. Each cabinet comes with concealed hinges automatically.

In-The-Wall Double MEGA Toilet Paper Holder with Storage Cabinet


This beautiful unit has the features of some of our most popular units all rolled into one! It features TWO Mega TP roller sections (both rolls will be on rollers), plus a storage cabonet which can be great for storing feminine items, sprays, or other things. The storage door opens to reveal a cabinet that is over 14" high inside. So you'll have plenty of room for storage. Comes complete with a beautiful raised panel door and many details.

On-The-Wall MEGA Toilet Paper Holder


This is one of our most beautiful units. We've been asked for a surface mounted version of our popular MEGA toilet paper holder. This unit can handle ANY size roll on the market today. And you don't need to recess it, you can even mount it on the side of a vanity! Perfect to replace one of those crummy chrome things that stick out and don't work very well!

Venicio Recessed In-The-Wall Toilet Paper Holders!

Recessed Toilet Paper Holders

Our newest creation! Perfect for the bathroom. There are two new plastic toilet paper holders to choose from and they both go in the wall (recessed). Both are made from very high quality High Impact Polystyrene and we've even included a wood grain pattern to the outer frame along with one other detail you won't find anywhere else - we actually raise the roller. Since the roll actually hangs down on the roller, it didn't make sense to us to put it in the center like everyone else does. It's the little details that make our products different and better! Easy installation with only construction adhesive and they even work on tile. Can be used as a direct replacement for those old metal rusty things you're using now! Check out both of our models in the Toilet Paper Holders category.

Sliding Door Cabinets!

Sliding Door Cabinets

Our newest creation! Ever wish you could find a cabinet with sliding cabinet doors? These cabinets are perfect for spaces where you don't have a lot of room to swing open a door, or where a swinging door would be impossible (like next to a toilet!). These new cabinets (available now by phone order, and very soon on the website) can be made in various widths and heights and can be made to go IN THE WALL or hang ON THE WALL, you can even use them as sliding door medicine cabinets. Any of our door styles can be used and you choose if you want the door to slide to the right or to the left. And you'll have adjustable shelves inside. Maybe you'd like to have a double door unit and have the doors slide open? That's possible too! Our sizes range from 18 inch high on up to 78 inch high pantry cabinets and of course custom sizes are always available. These are the most unique cabinets you'll find anywhere and the possibilities are truly endless. Each sliding door features a wrap around frame which hides the sliding mechanisms so that they are only visible when the door is open. Call us today and let's talk about your particular cabinet needs! (Photo is shown in "Ready to Paint")

Triple Series Recessed Medicine Cabinets!

WC Triple Series Cabinets

Another Breakout Hit! Our WCTriple series cabinets come in sizes from 18" on up to 36" high and they use two stud bays. These cabinets come with a medicine cabinet in the middle, flanked by two open niches with adjustable shelving. Of course, you can choose from various door styles if you don't want the mirror door, and you can also have the back of the side niches with or without mirrors. The medicine cabinet portion features two adjustable glass shelves (three shelves on the 36" model) and the two side niches also include two adjustable glass shelves (3 each on the 36" model). The side niches can be lit with a light kit if you prefer that, so without the shelves, it can almost be a makeup mirror! The possibilities are truly without end for this bathroom cabinet. If you're looking for a storage cabinet or a display cabinet, this is your best bet. And if you need one that hangs ON the wall, we can do that too!

On-The-Wall Spice Cabinet

On-The-Wall Spice Cabinet

We have more spice racks and spice cabinets than anyone else. And each model is customizable based on the choices you select. Several of our racks are wall mounted using only a few screws, while we also have spice cabinets made to recess in the wall as well as models like this one which mount ON the wall or the back of a pantry door. And our Spice Cabinets use fully adjustable glass shelves inside, so you can arrange the shelves as you need to.

No kitchen is complete without one of our solid wood Spice racks or cabinet spice rack. Don't settle for keeping your spices unorganized in a cupboard where you can't find them, or taking up space on your countertop! Spices are supposed to be kept in a cool place, so don't keep them by your stove! With our simple instructions you can easily put an affordable wall spice rack INTO your wall or ON your wall or door instead.

Spice Racks are available in sizes ranging from 18 inches high on up to 78 inches high and are available in many finish options. Our Spice Cabinets come in various styles and we even have a unique DOUBLE DOOR model in various sizes up to 72" high. The Double door unit ships in two sections and you simply put a few screws to attach the two halves back together. These cabinets can also work GREAT for a medicine cabinet because they are simple installation and you have nine different door styles to choose from!

On-The-Wall Medicine Cabinet

On-The-Wall Medicine Cabinets

Our newest addition to our lineup of Medicine Cabinets. With this model, you don't need to worry about cutting a hole in your wall. This cabinet hangs on your wall easily with only two screws. A beautiful wood medicine cabinet, rich in detail, which includes a standard cathedral mirror panel door for an elegant look. Nine other optional doors are available including solid doors. Since so many people are looking for a medicine cabinet without a mirror door, and we know they are very difficult to find, you have that option available to you on ANY of our cabinets just by selecting a different door style!

Looking to help organize and clean up your bathroom, too? We know it can be hard to increase the size of a small bathroom storage space. Try one of our Medicine Cabinets. We have medicine cabinets without mirrors, which are hard to find. Our no mirror medicine cabinet is made of solid whitewood radiant pine. As with all of our quality wood products, the medicine cabinet without a mirror is made here in our Florida manufacturing facility. Our medicine cabinet with no mirror will help you keep your bathroom organized and protect your personal items from house guests and curious children. We also carry a variety of multi-purpose units that will help you make your bathroom more spacious while hiding the clutter of toiletries and other necessities.

Both our in wall and on wall cabinets are available without mirror doors.

On-The-Wall Plasma LCD TV Cabinets

On-The-Wall Plasma LCD TV Cabinets

Our on-the-wall Plasmsa / LCD TV Cabinet. NOBODY has anything like this! These unique cabinets are a sight to behold! Why just hang your TV on the wall when you can put it IN a beautiful cabinet instead?!? These cabinets will be custom built to the specifications of your TV. So no matter if you have a 20 inch, 42 inch, 27 inch or 60 inch LCD or Plasma TV, you can still get a cabinet custom built just for it.

And it can be optioned with many different door styles to give it a unique look or function. Doors open to the outside on various color hinges or you can choose concealed hinges if you prefer those. Sliding doors are even a possibility! This gives you a true CUSTOM built-in home theater system look without the custom price! While we don't sell home theater seating, speakers or other furniture, your dream movie room awaits you.

Be sure to take a look at our Home Theater Speaker Shelves and Speaker Niches. These units can be custom built to become a wall storage unit or for other uses as well.

In-The-Wall Jewelry Cabinet

In-The-Wall Jewlery Cabinet

Our Jewelry Cabinet goes INTO your wall and contains plenty of unique details such as a necklace T-bar, pegs for hanging rings and bracelets and other things on which help to keep them from getting tangled, as well as three felt lined shelves for storage of all your fine jewelry.

Keep your jewelry organized, and you'll never be hunting down that missing ear ring. Our unique cabinet does, however, have something most others do not - it doesn't "give up" what it's purpose is. Once in your wall, it looks just like a nice framed mirror hanging on your wall.

The beautiful double roman arch mirror door sits on concealed hinges and has no handle, knobs or anything else that gives away it's purpose. An optional lock is available should you desire that, however. We have many other door styles if you want a different look, or we can also create these in multiple sizes. And you can even have one as a module in a Multipurpose Unit! Just give us a call!

In-The-Wall Broom & Mop Cabinet

In-The-Wall Broom And Mop Cabinet

Our Broom & Mop Cabinet comes complete with spring loaded hooks inside to hold your broom, mop, swiffer, etc. And the cabinet comes with a three panel inset panel door and FrameChoice. There are also peghooks and an adjustable shelf inside to hold your other dusting supplies so they'll be handy when you need them. We've tried to create a perfect cabinet for storage of these odd things.

Many kitchens today do not have a really good place to keep a mop or broom, so you end up keeping it downstairs or perhaps in the garage where it is inconvenient. This is a very unique and specialized cabinet that you won't find anywhere else. And you can get this unit with our newest option: Six for Four. What is Six for Four? Simple. It allows you to get a 5.5" deep cabinet that is made to fit in standard 2x4 walls!

It uses unique trim to frame around the cabinet which helps disguise that there is 1.5" sticking out from the wall. Six for Four is available on many of our products from cabinets to some magazine racks models and many others. Just look for it in the options list!

In-The-Wall Stud Straddle Cabinet

In-The-Wall Stud Straddle Cabinet

Now this is a solution you may never have thought of. Perfect for a bathroom or other area where you storage, but don't have any! This is a unique cabinet that can't be found anywhere else.

Our Stud Straddle Cabinet can be made in any size or configuration. You simply give us the size of the two wall cavities you want to fill, and the types of doors and how many doors and spaces you want the cabinet to have. We do the rest! These cabinets are specially built so that they insert in the wall straddling the stud - so there's no need to cut it out of the way. You still get the storage space you need, but without any extra work! What could be better? These units are custom quoted because there are infinite possible combinations. What a great way to add much needed storage and save space!

In-The-Wall Double Wide Bookcase

In-The-Wall Double Wide Bookcase

What a beautiful bookcase unit. This unit is a double wide version of our BKC-1 Bookcase and it takes up two stud bays. You will need to remove one stud. The unit is 5.5" deep, or you can also get it in a 7.25" deep version. Either one will still fit in standard 2 x 4 walls because we use the outer casing trim to help disguise how much of the bookcase actually sticks out from the wall.

Solid wood bookcases are hard to find, and one that is made to go in the wall is nearly impossible. These units ship economically because they ship unassembled. you simply put the two box sections together when you get it, add the backer boards and the cabinet doors and insert it in your wall opening! As with all of our products, you have a plethora of options to customize the bookcase to your needs such as lighting, various door styles, etc. This is a unique product and made from solid wood - No sawdust board here. So you can get it unfinished, or you can get it in any of our stain or enamel colors.

New Option - 6 for 4!

In-The-Wall Bookcase / Hutch Unit

With Six for Four, you can get a 5.5" deep cabinet that is made to fit into standard 2x4 walls! This option is available on many of our cabinets, some magazine rack models and some other products as well. It uses unique framing which helps disguise the fact that there is 1.5" of cabinet sticking out from the wall.

Here is a photo of a WC-418 cabinet which was made with the Six for Four option as well as an optional raised panel door. What a beautiful and functional cabinet! So if you need extra storage space, this is the way to go.... What will you do with all the extra storage space you garner? You could store loads of toilet paper, or even linens! Or choose a medicine cabinet with this option and you'll have tons of extra space you never thought you could have!

To see if the product you want is available with the Six for Four option, just look at the product's detail page by clicking on it's photo. Then scroll down to the Options and Upgrades section. If you see the Six for Four option, then it's available on that product.