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Our History

I began WG Wood Products, LLC in 2002 with only the MR-1, In-The-Wall Magazine Rack product. I made the prototype for my own guest bathroom because I was unable to find anything like what I wanted despite hours of searching on the internet. After installing that first rack into my wall, I had an epiphany! I wondered if there were others out there who were looking for the same thing. So, I listed it our on eBay and sales quickly took off. Our business model is very simple: We provide a quality hand crafted product that is unique in the marketplace at a cost that's far below what the public would expect to pay. Yet, we allow the client to customize the product to their needs and desires through various options, finishes, etc. that we offer.

Since then, we've expanded the product line with other magazine racks and toilet paper holders as well as our very popular Niche Shelves. In fact, our Niche Shelf product line quickly took off with over 50,000 different combinations from the options available! In 2004, we added Curio Cabinets, our fantastic Multi-Purpose Units, Wall Cabinets and many other unique products to our line-up. In fact, we don't add a new product to our lineup unless it has something unique and different about it - it can't be found anywhere else.

New for 2005 was the option of professional finishing and even a marbleizing, and with the addition of our Cove Niches and taller sizes we've quadrupled our Niche Shelf line! Continuing to innovate and create unique new products, we now offer an In-The-Wall MiniBar and our new In-The-Wall Tissue Dispenser! As of 2006, the Tissue Dispenser led to a release of all new products...Multi-Purpose Units, Medicine Cabinets and In-The-Wall Trash Recepticles! The Multipurpose Units are very convenient combinations of Magazine Racks, Tissue Dispensers, Toiler Paper Holders and Trash Recepticles. You can even "build your own" by choosing the modules you want your Multipurpose Unit to have and how they will be arranged!

One of our latest innovations is our sliding door cabinets that can be made to go in the wall or on the wall, your choice. These cabinets are perfect for places where you would like a cabinet but don't have the space to open a swinging door. Another great product that has recently been introduced is our In-The-Wall Wrapping Station...a unique product that keeps the occasional gift wrapping supplies at hand so you needn't dig through a closet or attic space to find them! Our Garage Cabinet provides the same organizational solution by storing your tools in a neat and orderly fashion without taking up valuable floor space. The beautiful In-The-Wall Wine Rack Cabinet, In-The-Wall Jewlery Cabinet and In-The-Wall Entry Valet Cabinet are all products that enhance the beauty and sophistication of your home while adding functionality. We also introduced the "Six For Four" option...a unique way for customers to have a 5.5" deep cabinet that will fit standard 2 x 4 walls! The "Six For Four" option is available on many products across our entire product line.

Another step in the evolutionary process is adding plsatic versions of many of our popular products. This exciting new plastic product line will begin with our Toilet Paper Holders, with plans to eventually expand to a robust line of 12-14 products made entirely of plastic material. Why plastic? Because these products will be less expensive to purchase and be in stock, ready to ship in virtually any quantity within 24 hours of ordering.

Recently, we completed a relocation to beautiful Sarasota, Florida in March of 2010. With this move to a new location, we have doubled our space allowing us to produce products in much larger batches and positions us for exciting future growth! Between our award winning cabinet and accesory designs, to our custom creation of any product you're looking for we don't currently have, WG Wood Products is the undisputed worldwide leader for In-The-Wall storage solutions and recessed cabinetry.


Michael Sloan

President, WG Wood Products

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