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You have come to the right place! Our staff of writers have put together many interesting and informative articles on topics which can help to give you great ideas for organizing, selecting and installing the right products. You'll find broad-ranging articles on bathroom organization, organizing for small spaces, media storage, kitchen organization, and even how to help clean up the messy "kid's area". Sometimes the greatest ideas come when you "think outside the box".
Tips for Blending Households: What To Do With All That 'Stuff' - Did you and your partner just get married? A lot of times when both lives come together in the same home many duplicate items can appear. Here are some tips to help save space.
Organization 101: Even The Clutter Bug Can Get Organized - Are you a clutter bug? No worries. Check out our list of helpful strategies so you can become organized in no time!
Wall Bathroom Storage -- Secrets For Drastically Increasing Bathroom Storage Space - One of the most highly trafficked rooms in the house is the bathroom. It's important to have enough storage space to keep this room from unecessary clutter. Learn how!
Making The Most Of Your Wall Space With In-The-Wall Storage Units - The studs that support your home's walls provide a unique opportunity for storage of items you wish to be securely hidden. Learn some space saving ideas.
Getting Organized Never Took Up Less Space! Creative Ideas for Small Space Organization - Take advantage of the space inside your walls to help store cleaning supplies, books, and other items with these in-wall storage options.
Getting Organized With A La Carte Storage Options - Breeze through work easier and more efficiently with these nifty storage options for you and your home.
Custom Storage Ideas For Easy And Inexpensive Home Organization - Learn how to stay organized the inexpensive way with some convenient and attractive custom storage ideas for your home.
Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas -- Save Space And Look Good - Start impressing your friends with these unique and stylish bathroom storage ideas.
Luxury Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens - Learn about some unique storage systems that keep your kitchen looking fabulous and organized at the same time!
The Problem With Wall Bathroom Storage -- Finding Solutions To Your Storage Dilemmas - Find out how to create better ways of storage for your bathroom!
Adding Space To Your Kitchen Pantry -- Easy Ways To Increase Kitchen Storage - Free up space in your kitchen by adding a wall spice rack that fits odd shaped containers and the smallest tubes of food coloring.
4 Wall Niche Ideas For Creating The Perfect Bathroom- Spice up the look of your aged bathroom with these four unique ideas!
Selecting And Installing A Recessed Toilet Paper Holder - This article is helpful in learning how to install a recessed toilet paper holder.
Add Elegance with a Bathroom Magazine Rack or Recessed Toilet Paper Holder - This article is helpful in determining the various differences among the magazine racks that include toilet paper holders as well!
The Difference between On-wall and In-wall Magazine Racks - This article explores the various differences, advantages and disadvantages of both types of magazine racks. A must-read for anyone who wants a magazine rack!
Hand Made Cabinetry - Solid Wood Medicine Cabinets and Jewelry Cabinets - A great article which delves into the intricacies of today's medicine cabinets. Isn't it amazing that you can't find medicine cabinets today that don't have a mirror door? Is this a conspiracy of medicine cabinet manufacturers?
Options for Spice Racks - A must-read for anyone looking for a Kitchen spice rack or spice cabinet. So many types exist, but which one is perfect for you?
Storage Ideas to Rid your Home of Paper Clutter - A great article which has some wonderful ideas for organizing the everyday mountain of paper!
Selecting Furniture for your Media Room - If you've thought about getting media shelving for your CD's, DVD's and other things, this article has some great ideas for you.
Creative Storage Spaces for Kids- If you have kids, this is a must-read article. Great ideas on how to organize all their "stuff" and keep it that way.
Decorative and Stylish Ways to Store Your Magazines, Books and DVD's - Another great article with more ideas on media storage for your home.
Tips for Designing a Comfortable and Inviting Guest Bathroom - If you have a guest bathroom, this article has some great ideas on how to make it a warm and welcoming space for your guests.
Storage Ideas to Keep your Kitchen Organized - Another great article with more ideas on keeping your kitchen, the most-used room in your house, an organized well-oiled machine!
Creative Uses of Shelf Systems for organizing the home and office - Another great article with more ideas on keeping your home and office well organized through the effective use of shelving!
Building the Ultimate Man Cave - You've read and maybe even heard about them. It man's best kept secret - his own "man-cave". Here's some great ideas on creating your own personal space for the men of the house!
Creative Space Saving Cabinets and Storage Ideas - Space saving organizational systems such as a wall magazine rack or a recessed toilet paper holder for the bathroom makes everything look neater and easier to keep clean.
Simple Ways to Revitalize Your Bathroom With Wood Medicine Cabinets - A medicine cabinet may not seem like the focal point of a bathroom, but this one item can change the entire the look and feel of the room. With a few hints and tips, you can replace it with one of the many fashionable wood medicine cabinets that look great and keep your bathroom organized.
3 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Home Theater Shelf Systems - Today's home theater speakers are much smaller, leaving owners to wonder how to mount or display their home theater speakers.
How To Choose A Beautiful Curio Cabinet To Display Your Valuables - If you're looking for a way to display heirloom keepsakes, knick knacks or your fancy china and keep your valuables out of reach of children, an attractive curio cabinet is the perfect solution.
The Ultimate Pre-Teen Boy's Bedroom Makeover - If your pre-teen son has been begging for CD shelf systems, wood media storage, and a magazine rack, it's a good sign that its time to retire the trains and teddy bears in his room. The only problem is that it can get a little difficult when you're still thinking baby boy and he's dreaming of fast cars and girls.
Decorating Ideas For Teenage Girls -- A Jewelry Cabinet, An Audio Shelf And Shelf Systems - The perfect room for a teenage girl can mean so many things. Some are true girly-girls while others wouldn't hear of having a single hint of pink anywhere in the near vicinity. By choosing staple accessories such as a jewelry cabinet, DVD media storage, and audio shelf systems, you can create a space specifically for your daughter.
Finding The Perfect Wine Rack Cabinet -- What To Look For - Wine rack cabinets are becoming an extremely popular addition to today's homes thanks to the growing appreciation for fine wines. If you plan to keep wines on hand for any length of time, you will need to store them properly to maintain and actually improve the taste. For those who are new to the world of delicious grapes, selecting the right method of storage can be a bit difficult.
DIY Finishes For Bathroom Wall Cabinets -- Personalized Decorating Ideas - When personalizing your bathroom, wall cabinets, vanities, and lighting provide the artist in you with the ideal canvas to make this retreat room your own. By finishing and decorating these bathroom fixtures yourself, you can have fun trying out new things and getting in touch with your unique sense of style.
How to Create a Home Spa Experience From What's Already In Your Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Your bathroom wall cabinet could hold everything you need for a spa-like experience at an affordable cost.
Tapping Into Your Wall Spice Rack To Make Incredible, Restaurant-Quality Meals - Eating out on a regular basis is not only expensive it can be unhealthy! Armed with a stocked spice rack, and a bit of cooking knowledge, you can make low-cost meals that rival the restaurant.
Tips and Ideas For Small Home theater And Family Rooms - What good is a home theater or family room when it just isn't comfortable or if it makes it difficult to keep the things you enjoy close at hand? Thankfully, this isn't a permanent problem.
The New Design Phenomenon -- A Lack of Bathroom Storage - New home designs integrate comfort with usability for the ideal home. Unfortunately, there's one area where many new designs fall short -- bathroom storage. Thankfully, there are some easy and elegant solutions that work well in large and small spaces.