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Adding Space To Your Kitchen Pantry - Easy Ways To Increase Kitchen Storage

Kitchens are just one of those areas that you don't want to have to fight for space and deal with overstuffed cupboards. If you reach into the cabinet spice rack, drop the cayenne pepper into the soup, and discover the lid came off when it landed, you'll have a hot problem on your hands! However, the solution might be just around the corner. Literally. What if you could have a wall spice rack or extra pantry within arm's reach of where you need it most?

A Wall Spice Rack

Instead of trying to find fifty more bottles that fit into those little spice racks, or digging into the back of the cupboard to find a small bottle of something, consider a wall spice rack. These are perfect for those odd sized containers and even the smallest tubes of food coloring. This type of storage solution is so versatile that you can keep all of your baking items as spices in one spot, completely eliminating the need to rummage through various shelves and drawers. Finding a wall spice rack with some depth is no problem either. An on-the-wall spice rack that takes only seconds to hang up and is wide enough to hold all sorts of canisters and containers. If you want the added depth, but don't have the space for another wide cabinet, spice rack designs that sit into the wall are the perfect solution. They use the unused space normally between the studs, but still look as eloquent as any other cupboard in the kitchen. To dress up a cabinet spice rack, you can add framing or molding, special finishes, enhance the natural grain with lacquer, or even add glass.

Increase Kitchen Pantry Cabinet Storage

For larger items such as potatoes, pots, pans, plastic containers, cereal, and more, you need additional storage space that is wide and high enough. Again, all kinds of on-the-wall storage and recessed units available will work regardless of whether it is technically a medicine cabinet, media cabinet, or rack. The most important thing is that they look good and have adequate space.

To make these additional storage solutions even more convenient, try adding some additional options. Hooks on the inside of the door are great for your favorite serving spoon. Adjustable shelving lets you customize your storage to meet your needs rather than having to work around the constraints of the manufacturer. You can even pick up items such as under-the-shelf wire baskets or baskets that fit nicely on the shelf so you can pull out several items at once, or access the stuff at the back without having to take everything out in front.

You'll find with just a little creativity and a good manufacturer, you can come up with unique solutions that are both functional and stunning. Many of them might even become a conversation piece in your kitchen. And if you're spending less time rummaging through overfilled cupboards, you'll have lots of spare time for conversation.

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