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Tips For Designing A Comfortable And Inviting Guest Bathroom

The design of a guest bathroom is subtly different than that of a bathroom that only the family will use. Whether it's a half bath used by lunch guests or a full bath for overnight company, a little effort creates a welcoming environment.

Wood is Good

Wood is a wonderful material that adds a warm, earthy tone to the decor and gets away from the starkness of tile and porcelain. Depending on the size of the bathroom you can add many furnishings made of wood. Medicine cabinets or mirror frames make nice accents even for a small bathroom, while a larger room could take furniture as large as a full wardrobe. Wood medicine cabinets are much nicer than the common metal ones you find in homes.

They combine elegance with functionality and give an air of luxury your guests will appreciate. For the best effect, install other pieces that match the wood medicine cabinet such as a bathroom magazine rack or recessed toilet paper holder. For your long-term guests, stock the medicine cabinet with high quality toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, or lotion. Use only unopened items and replace them with new items when your guest leaves. Opt for quality products. You may be happy with shampoo from the dollar store but your guests should be given something special.

Stock a Full Supply of Towels

Not only should you have a full complement of towels and washcloths, there should be extras under the sink. The towel color can be chosen to match your decor or you can use white towels, the universal color of hospitality. Like your toiletries, use only high quality towels. Guest towels should be used only by your guests, and not by the family for everyday use. If they show any signs of wear, replace them. For a real treat, hang a soft, fluffy bathrobe behind the door. Even if your guest doesn't use it, they will appreciate the gesture.

Focus on the Details

You would be surprised how large an effect the smallest of additions can have! Sprucing up the guest bathroom with interesting and beautiful pieces can drastically add to the room's visual appearance. Potpourri is an elegant touch that is nicer than the usual plug-in air freshener. For an unusual twist, scented resin rocks offer the same pleasant aroma and, if kept in a sealed bag between visits, last longer than traditional potpourri.

A nightlight is a practical and thoughtful gesture. No one likes fumbling in the dark if they need to visit the bathroom at night - especially in an unfamiliar setting. Finally, a vase of fresh flowers is always a beautiful and appreciated addition. Because they are fresh it sends the message that your guest's visit was important, something that deserved a special gesture. Depending on your budget, you don't have to do all of these right away. Whether you install a wood medicine cabinet or add a vase of flowers, anything you do sends a message of welcome to your guests.

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