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Storage Ideas To Keep Your Kitchen Organized

One of the most cluttered rooms in most homes is the kitchen. One of the common reasons people remodel their kitchens is to add more storage space. Most homes dont need more space; they need less stuff and better use of existing storage.

Dump the Gadgets

When is the last time you actually used that ice cream maker? Or the waffle iron? Or the hot dog steamer? Even more common items like slow cookers or bread makers are just taking up space unless you use them. A lot of kitchen appliances may have seemed like a good idea when you bought them or got them as a present.

You might have even used them a few times before the fun wore off. However if you havent taken out a gadget in the last year, then its time to give it to charity. If you find you cant bear to part with it, then set yourself a deadline of a month (or better yet a week) and tell yourself that if you havent used it by then, you have to get rid of it. Even if you keep it, make note of the last time you used it. Once you go a year without using it, then its time to say goodbye.

Clear the Counters

Most complaints about small kitchens are about counter space. If your counters are cluttered, find other places to store things. Counters are for preparation not storage. Put everything away once you are done with it. Even items you use frequently should be put in a cabinet rather than taking up counter space. Every night make a point of clearing the counters and putting things away.

Add More Storage

Some kitchens are simply so small that they dont have any more storage space and can benefit from some minor remodeling. You dont have to take out a second mortgage to finance it. There are lots of inexpensive things you can do to increase storage. A cabinet spice rack mounts easily on a convenient wall near your primary preparation and cooking area.

By storing all of your spice jars in one central location, you dont have to waste time trying to remember whether the ginger is in the pantry or some other cabinet. Spice racks make it easy to find everything. Another advantage to storing spices in a cabinet spice rack is you can easily see what you have and what you need to stock up on. In addition to a cabinet spice rack, there are other ways to open up space. Hooks on the wall can hold cups.

A trellis or ceiling rack gets pots and pans out of the way. A lazy Susan lets you easily get to all items even in a deep cabinet. You might be surprised how much room you can open up these kinds of simple kitchen modifications.

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