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How To Choose A Beautiful Curio Cabinet To Display Your Valuables

If you're looking for a way to display heirloom keepsakes, knick knacks or your fancy china and keep your valuables out of reach of children, an attractive curio cabinet is the perfect solution. Curio cabinets are especially designed to display keepsakes beautifully. Before deciding on which cabinet is right for you, you need to determine what size cabinet you need, the features you'd like and if a built in or wall hanging cabinet is best.

Determine The Size And Features You Need

The size curio cabinet you need depends on what you want to display. It's a good idea before purchasing the cabinet to get out your keepsakes and determine how you want them to look inside the cabinet. If you're displaying large pieces of china, you'll need fewer shelf systems than if you're displaying smaller knick knacks. Shelf systems for cabinets are made out of glass that's sturdy enough to hold all your keepsakes. Many cabinets come with a standard number of shelves, but you should be able to order more if you need them.

Some cabinets also come with a mirrored display back to create a beautiful, duplicate display area for items such as small statues or vases that have a back that you'd like to be visible. If you're displaying china or something with a back that's not meant to be seen, choose a standard backing that matches the finish of your cabinet. A custom cabinet should allow you to choose the finish and details of your cabinet. This way you'll be able to coordinate the finish to either your wall color or any existing shelf systems you have in the room already. Other details include a display light kit, decorative bases, a clock at the top and framed or unframed glass doors. With so many options, you'll be able to completely customize your cabinet.

Wall Mount Curio Cabinets

A curio cabinet with shelf systems that you mount on the wall is an easy way to display your valuables. Choosing a wall mount cabinet means you won't need to create a hole into the wall to install the cabinet. Cabinets should come with a sturdy fastening system to ensure you can easily and securely attach the cabinet to the wall. Some cabinets can be single or double door units and can get quite large. A bookcase/hutch unit can also work well for displaying larger collections and these can also be found that can install into your wall.

Depending on the size of your cabinet, you may need a stud finder so that you can attach the fastening system into the wall studs. Doing this means your cabinet will be even more securely attached. If you're concerned with the depth or width of the cabinet, it's easy to create a sample out of cardboard so you'll know exactly how the cabinet's size will fit into your room.

Built In Curio Cabinets

Some cabinets can be easily built into your walls so that they look like they were especially designed for your home. While many people think installing these built in cabinets is difficult, it really isn't. Before deciding on a built in cabinet, make sure you have a wall that can handle the installation. To do this, you'll need a stud finder to make sure you're not installing the cabinet where a stud will be in the way. After marking where you want the cabinet to go, all you need to do is use a specially designed saw to cut away the wall.

Once your hole is cut, simply attach the curio cabinet using the instructions provided with your cabinet. Once the cabinet is in the wall, it's easy to install the shelf systems so you can beautifully display your keepsakes. There are many different styles and types of curio cabinets to choose from - the hard part will be deciding which you like best.

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