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The Problem With Wall Bathroom Storage - Finding Solutions To Your Storage Dilemmas

If you walk into your bathroom and think 'we need better storage' or 'man, is that medicine cabinet ugly,' you're not alone. It often seems that homebuilders don't always consider functionality when designing bathroom storage spaces. If you feel claustrophobic each time you open your medicine cabinet, here are some creative tips for doubling your wall bathroom storage space.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A medicine cabinet is great as far as wall bathroom storage is concerned. Unfortunately, most of those found in the hardware store today have a mirrored door. What if we already have enough mirrors in our house and don't want to add another one that we'll have to clean? Well, manufacturers have a solution for that. Many now offer a medicine cabinet with a glass or frosted glass door. Others offer medicine cabinet styles with a beautiful hardwood door. These add to the richness of the space and enhance the decor.

Pantry Style Wall Bathroom Storage

Even in the biggest washrooms, we only have so much room to work with. However, that doesn't mean you have to make due with a little medicine cabinet. Pantry-style wall bathroom storage comes in numerous styles including on-the-wall and recessed to help you put away everything and anything you need. You'll have space for your favorite novels, bath oils and salts, shampoos and conditioners, medications, face cloths, facial scrubs and almost anything else you can think of.

Floor Storage Systems

When we want to store items such as the toilet brush, plunger, and toilet paper, traditional wall bathroom storage just isn't the place. If you look for styles similar to a kitchen pantry, you'll find solutions that are wide enough to hold everything from the toilet paper to your bathroom cleaning supplies. If you feel a floor storage system will be an obstruction in your already small bathroom, look for styles that are partially recessed into the wall. These look like a regular, narrow cabinet, but still give you the deep storage space you need.

Style Infusion

If you're ready for something different and refreshing for your bathroom, look at cabinets from manufacturers who have an innovative edge and are not afraid to get creative. You can get marbleized or granite finishes, brass, natural hardwood, and many other finishes.

Some have decorative molding or ornate frames that take enhance the richness and warmth of your bathroom. The difference with quantity wood products lies in the details. Though small and ornate, handcrafted elements can add a great deal of style and personality to a room.

Let your decorating creativity loose and dare to dream up your own solutions rather than settle for what you find on the store shelves of big-box stores. Manufactures that specialize in custom cabinetry will likely have a host of solutions for creating big storage spaces in little living spaces.

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