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3 Things To Consider Before Purchasing Home Theater Shelf Systems

Home theater speakers have gotten smaller and smaller lately - gone are the enormous free standing speakers that home theaters have long been known for. Today's speakers are much smaller, leaving owners to wonder how to mount or display their home theater speakers. Many people opt to place the speakers on decorative home theater shelving so that the audio system becomes part of a room's decor. Before purchasing home theater shelving, consider the size, type and number of shelves you need, what materials the shelves are made of and any details like the finish or paint.

Size And Type Of Shelves

The size and type of shelves you need depends on the size and weight of your speakers. Some audio shelf systems can handle speakers that weigh up to 20 pounds so it's possible to find a shelving system for nearly any size speakers. If you're short on available wall space, some shelves are available as corner units so you can tuck your speakers away, but still enjoy your audio system. If you're looking for more of a finished look, search for audio shelf systems that tuck into the wall. These speaker niches are designed especially for your home theater's audio system and can create a beautiful, finished look to any room. If you have larger speakers that don't fit into a traditional speaker niche, consider a niche shelf system designed to display larger items.

Materials Shelves Are Made Of

Audio shelf systems can be made of plastic or wood, but the wood shelves will be sturdier and a better choice. Wood shelves can be made of many different materials like whitewood radiant pine or oak. These two materials can be stained or painted easily, making them excellent materials for audio shelf systems.

Specialty Details

If you have existing wood media storage, you may be able to find audio shelf systems that match the style of your existing piece. Matching the finish will be easy if you're able to find a company that offers many different wood stains or paint colors. Some companies even offer custom match paint jobs for your audio shelf systems, which is ideal if you're looking to coordinate your shelves with an existing wall color. If you're feeling creative, order the shelves unfinished and stain or paint them yourself.

Before you purchase audio shelf systems, you'll want to know how the system stays on the wall - the last thing you want is a flimsy shelf holding up your expensive audio equipment. Many shelves come with a hidden fastening system to screw the shelves securely into the walls. A home theater's speakers have gotten smaller as technology advances and many people opt to find shelving systems to mount the shelves on the walls of their home theater.

A system of shelves especially designed for your home theater's audio system can add beauty to your home theater. When looking for a set of shelves, you have a choice in the size and type of shelves, the materials used to build the shelves and the details like the finish. With so many choices, you'll be able to find a set you love.

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