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Selecting And Installing A Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

A recessed toilet paper holder is a great way to tidy up the bathroom and add a touch of sleek decor to the room. They stay out of the way, but still hold the tissue securely in a convenient location. However, the idea that they go into the wall instead of on it causes some homeowners to shy away. In reality, they are easy to install and a superior option so long as you choose wisely.

Why Choose A Wood Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Many homeowners feel compelled to stick with metal and worry about how wood holds up over time. Unfortunately, metal often takes a beating in a bathroom and is really not suitable in these rooms. Because the bathroom is full of humid air, the metal deteriorates and rusts quickly and may even begin to lose its finish. Wood makes a far better option because it is more efficient at resisting moisture. The trick is to make certain the unit is sealed and painted properly.

Sizing Difficulties With Toilet Paper Units

Many of the old holders in American homes today are made of a thin metal that fits into a smaller space. Wood, on the other hand, is far thicker. This makes it appear as if it is impossible that the two are interchangeable. The reality is that you have two options: either you can make the space wider to accommodate the larger recessed toilet paper holder, or you can purchase a wood unit made from thinner stalk to make sure it fits. To find out which option is best and to replace the unit, remove the old one from the wall first. There, you can see how it is secured to the wall and how much space you have to work with between the studs. If you do not have enough excess space to make the hole larger, a model constructed of thinner wood makes the best choice. However, if you have a choice, you'll find the larger units will produce much better results.

Finishes For Toilet Paper Holders

You want your recessed toilet paper holder to fit in with the room's decor just like any other piece for a perfect look. To ensure you find the perfect one, consider contacting a specialty supplier who will have far more options than a typical store.

You will be able to find a full range of finished and unfinished models. This makes them extremely versatile; they come in a wide variety of stains, paint of any kind, spackle coating, or even marbling. If you would like to have a metal holder, suppliers specializing in storage solutions will offer more than the brass or chrome choices you get in a regular store. Here, you can choose from many decorative metals including satin nickel, black, antique brass, and many more.

Selecting and installing a recessed toilet paper holder will help make your bathroom look complete and bring the entire space together. All you need to do is find the style and finish that will make the room shine.

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