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Luxury Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Small kitchens can barely hold all of the necessary, everyday items, so there is no room for luxury items. Right? Wrong! Furniture and storage system makers have developed some truly unique and beautiful systems that allow you to get everything you'd like to have into your kitchen and have it look fabulous while still keeping everything organized and easy to access.Wine rack cabinets, pot and pan racks, and recessed spice racks are just a few solutions you can easily incorporate into your kitchen.

Wine Rack Cabinets

A wine lover without a wine rack cabinet in the kitchen is like a racecar driver without a car. But, a small room or lack of space is no excuse to suffer. Recessed wine rack cabinets are the ideal solution in this instance since they use space you wouldn't be using normally anyway and don't take up additional room that you need for other things. Your choice of wine rack cabinet isn't limited by style or type either. The wine rack cabinets created today can hold up to 9 separate bottles. You can choose to have up to three doors, or you can install a style with no doors at all. If you choose one with a glass door, you can select to have plain, clear glass, frosted glass, or you can take it to an expert to have it etched. There are even wine rack cabinet designs that include areas for you to keep the corkscrew, glasses, ice buckets, and other essential items.

Racks For Pots And Pans

In a small kitchen, pots and pans consume a massive amount of space. This makes wall or ceiling mountable racks an important addition to a small kitchen. If your kitchen design allows, consider a ceiling mounted rack that can easily hold all of your favorite pots and pans. You'll need to be careful when installing it because it will need to go into the stud in order to hold the weight. Along the wall is another great option for kitchens with a lack of space. With this style however, you'll want to mount it high enough so that pots and pans don't interfere with your workspace and cabinet doors.

Recessed Spice Racks

For anyone who loves to cook, spice racks are an absolute necessity. But limited space to add more spices to your arsenal can limit your cooking creativity. Recessed spice racks offer an idea solution for even the smallest of kitchens. Like a recessed wine rack cabinet, there are plenty of design options available. You can select full design spice racks or choose a multipurpose storage system that can hold larger and smaller items.

When you're working with a small kitchen, smart storage solutions are key. That's where recessed spice racks, wine rack cabinets, and pot and pan racks come in. These solutions all keep everything organized by taking advantage of space you wouldn't normally use anyway -- and help your kitchen look fantastic in the process!

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