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The Difference Between On-Wall and In-Wall Magazine Racks

As you shop our selection of top-quality magazine racks you will notice that some of them are labeled as an on-wall magazine rack and some are labeled as an in-wall magazine rack. Whatís the difference?

The On-wall Magazine Rack

Our on-wall magazine rack hangs on screws or a cleat so mounting one is just like hanging a picture. Our Stealth Fastening system is designed to take the frustration out of mounting magazine racks. This is an excellent choice for the homeowner without a lot of do-it-yourself skill. The mounting system for these magazine racks is designed to require the least amount of modification to the wall. In this way, if you decide to move your magazine racks later, a little joint compound and touch up paint make the wall as good as new. Some wall areas are not suited to in-wall mounts. Our in-wall magazine rack is mounted in the space between studs. However, the perfect site may have a stud or other obstacle running right down the center. Or perhaps you just donít want to cut a hole in the wall. Our on-wall magazine rack can be a good choice for renters. Many landlords are fine with a couple of screw holes but donít allow you to modify the drywall.

The In-Wall Magazine Rack

An in-wall magazine rack mounts recessed into the wall. This requires cutting out a section of drywall and mounting the unit with construction adhesive. Although an in-wall magazine rack requires a bit more DIY skill than an on-wall magazine racks, our templates are designed to make the process easy with common tools. The only specialized tool required is a wallboard saw, which is an inexpensive addition to your household toolkit. The biggest difference over an on-wall installation is that an in-wall magazine rack is designed to be a permanent fixture. Should you rearrange the furniture in the room, the rack may not be located as conveniently as it was before. However the permanence of an in-wall rack is part of its appeal. It adds a touch of elegance to a room that an on-wall unit canít match. The fact that in-wall magazine racks are recessed makes them less intrusive and offers more storage space. On-wall furnishings have to balance depth with profile so they donít stick out too much from the wall while in-wall units are free to provide room for more magazines.

Choosing The Right Magazine Racks For Your Home

All of our products are carefully designed and manufactured to provide warmth and value to a room. From sturdy masonite backing boards to solid wood construction to the option of professional painting or finishing, we pride ourselves on the quality of our magazine racks and all of our fine wood products. The choice between in-wall and on-wall magazine racks is based on a variety of factors such as your experience with other home improvement projects, the characteristics of the space, or even the style of the units we have available. We invite you to browse our wide selection of wood magazine racks and find the perfect accent for your home.

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