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Making The Most Of Your Wall Space With In-The-Wall Storage Units

In-the-wall storage units take advantage of a wealth of space already available to homeowners that hasn't been given enough thought until recently. The studs that support your home's walls provide a unique opportunity for storage of items you wish to be securely hidden, easily accessed or conveniently located without taking up any more floor space that you are already using.

Online cabinet merchants that specialize in In-The-Wall storage units can provide you with ample storage units for your kitchen spices, your cleaning supplies, your book and media collection and for a secure hiding place for your valuables that no one would even know existed unless you told them where it was so brilliantly hidden!

Classy Spice Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are frequently cluttered and chaotic. Spices are used and then quickly returned to a cabinet where they often fall down, roll to the back of the cabinet, sometimes never to be seen again! Instead of tolerating this mess, you can invest in an In-The-Wall spice cabinet that is conveniently located, easily accessed and takes up absolutely no room whatsoever, freeing up more cabinet space than you had before.

In-The-Wall spice cabinets feature glass doors, solid doors, single and double doors, depending upon your interests, home decor and available wall space. The narrow depth of these spice cabinets means everything is in plain view, without room to roll around or get lost. Organization becomes a simple matter of personal taste and style.

Make Your Living Room More Livable With In-Wall Bookcases

Many living rooms are cluttered with books, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, magazines and other forms of media. In-wall bookcases take up no room at all and yet provide you with an attractive means of organizing your books and movies. Most movies, books, CDs and DVDs are narrow enough to fit neatly and attractively in a variety of styles of in-wall bookcases. Instead of stacks of plastic cases falling to the floor, damaged book bindings and a clutter of knick-knacks, you can easily install in-wall bookcases that will display and protect your possessions while freeing up more space in your home.

Kick Clutter To The Curb With Utility Cabinets

Cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, wrapping paper and other paper products often create havoc in cabinets and closets but you can eliminate this problem with in-wall utility cabinets. Instead of tall items such as brooms and mops falling out into the hallway each time you open your closet door, you can hang them neatly away into their private storage area, where they will wait until the next time you need them, out of sight and out of mind.

Wrapping paper, decorative ribbons and bows always seem to make a mess no matter where they are stored, but no more! Custom fit wrapping paper utility cabinets provide convenient storage that will protect your wrapping paper for the next holiday season or birthday, with ribbons and bows stowed neatly and conveniently. Whether you are storing tools, cleaning supplies or a cache of paper products bought in bulk, these utility cabinets provide you with hooks for hanging, adjustable shelves for storage and an opportunity change your disorganized mess into easily accessible convenience.

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