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Building The Ultimate Man Cave

Even if the space hasn't been officially labeled as a 'man cave,' any home with testosterone has a space where men like to hang out and relax. If it doesn't have a space, why not make one? It doesn't have to look like a typical cluttered bachelor pad either. Items such as wood media storage units, DVD shelving, or an audio shelf keep electronics and entertainment under control. An in-the-wall minibar, card table, and other items make the room appear tidy while providing the ultimate in usability and comfort.

Entertainment Space

One of the main areas any man cave needs is a spot for entertainment. Projection or large plasma TVs and top-of-the-line home theatre systems are just a start. Most men also want a computer to run streaming television and movies through their system as well as to play games or just surfing the web. If you like to play Wii, Playstation, or Xbox, you can include the game system in the entertainment zone as well. The trick with this space is to keep it organized.

Wood media storage units are ideal for keeping order with DVD's and manly decor like models and sports memorabilia. An audio shelf can hold speakers on the walls to give the cave amazing sound or they can hold items such as a projector, DVD player, gaming systems and other small electronics. You can add DVD shelving on either side of the TV and go across the top with a decorative shelf and an audio shelf along the bottom to frame it in.

Hospitality Area

A drink area is another important space to include in any man cave. A bar to mix drinks can be made to fit virtually any theme or preference. You will also need some kind of storage for bottles and another for glasses, ice, and other staples. Optional bar seating with a view of the TV and games area is an added bonus. Small spaces can pose a bit of a challenge, but it is possible. Units such as an in-the-wall mini bar sits right into the wall to use otherwise wasted space.

Shelving that compliments the wood media storage and DVD shelving is great for the glasses, bottles and supplies while looking great in the room. Swivel bar stools are great for small areas because visitors can turn in whichever direction the action is in without the need for additional seating in each area. Once the entertainment and hospitality area is completed with an audio shelf and wood media storage to hold CDs, DVDs, and decor items, it is time for the personal touches.

You can decorate the walls in your favorite theme or leave the room with a minimalist feel. Add comfortable seating for relaxation, fill up the in-the-wall minibar, and bring in a few tables to hold drinks, magazines, and other staples. You are then ready to invite over your friends and test out the ultimate man cave to see how it works!

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