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Decorative And Stylish Ways To Store Your Magazines, Books and DVD's

The media we enjoy speaks volumes about our personality. If someone were to enter your home, they could probably surmise a great deal about you just by browsing through your books, magazines, CDs, and DVDs. Because these items make such a personal statement, using them as dłęcor adds style, personality, and flair to your home. However, these types of media items can appear quite messy and disorganized if not displayed properly. Here are a few ideas for media storage that serve a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Displaying Magazines

The magazines you choose to read tell a great deal about your hobbies, and interests. When guests walk into a room, they get an instant idea of your personality by the types of magazines around your home. Magazines are great to have around for you and for guests to browse through, but fanning them on the coffee table is not a practical decorating technique! Many homeowners prefer keeping reading material in magazine racks.

It keeps the room looking tidy and frees up the coffee table for other decorative touches. Another advantage of magazine racks is you may put several magazines in them - but only the front one shows. This means you can put the most attractive and sophisticated covers in front, and still have easy access those gossip magazines you secretly love to read by storing them toward the back of the rack.

The magazines you display in your magazine racks can add to the decor of your room. Interior decorating magazines are popular choices, especially if you can find one that displays a room that complements your decor. Travel magazines provide an exotic accent while celebrity glossies or parenting magazines add smiling faces to the room. Even an electronics publication might be the perfect accent to a simple, contemporary decor.

Books on Display

Books are a wonderful accent to any room, but can appear messy and disorganized if not displayed properly. Books on display should always be flanked by bookends - even on closed shelves. Bookends do more than just hold the books up by providing an artistic accent to the display. The books you choose to put in view should be carefully chosen as well.

Leave the dusty college textbooks in your bedroom while displaying the books that truly reflect your personality and interests in common areas. Bookshelves also make great displays for accessories and conversational pieces. Among your shelves of books, include a shelf dedicated to interesting ornaments or photographs. By placing items on the top of the bookshelf and on the middle shelf, you balance out the look of this multi-purpose piece of furniture.

Displaying CD and DVD Media

Your collection of CD and DVD's are a testament to your style and personality. But like books, large collections can seem messy and make a room appear disorganized. Look for display cases or wall hanging racks that are crafted in stylistic shapes rather than the run of the mill plain cabinet.

If you prefer to conceal your collection while still showing it off, cabinets with frosted glass doors offer visibility of your media collection, but mute the hard edges of the colors and boxes. These are just a few of the ways that you can display your media in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and stylish. The media we choose speaks volumes about us - and so too does the way in which we display it!

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