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Hand-Crafted Cabinetry: Solid Wood Medicine Cabinets and Jewelry Cabinets

At WG Wood Products, we pride ourselves on the quality of our hand-crafted products. Stylish design, careful attention to detail, and superior workmanship add up to some of the finest home accents for your room decor. We create a one-cabinet-fits-all design for our customers. Each of our products is designed for a specific purpose with unique features.

Wood Medicine Cabinets

We offer both on-wall and in-wall solid wood medicine cabinets. The on-wall cabinets mount easily on screws or a cleat, requiring little penetration of the wall and minimal skill with tools. The in-wall cabinets are installed into a hole cut into the drywall, a procedure which is a bit more difficult but still within the skill range of a typical homeowner. Our medicine cabinets have a variety of door designs including mirrored and glass panels and can be ordered with European-style concealed hinges for a smoother look. They have adjustable glass shelves and more shelves can be ordered to increase storage space. We have recently added a new option to our medicine cabinets called PillSafe. This is a locked compartment within the medicine cabinet to allow you to store your prescription pills away from the curious hands of small children.

Wood Jewelry Cabinets

Jewelry cabinets present unique needs, and WG Wood Products has created a unique design to meets those needs. You will find a range of storage options within each of our jewelry cabinets. There is a T-bar for hanging necklaces, many hooks and pegs for earrings and such, as well as three shelves (two lined with felt) for storage of any other piece of jewelry you might own. Our jewelry cabinets are designed without locks so that to the casual observer it appears to be merely a wall mirror. If you prefer, an optional lock can be added to make the cabinet more secure.

Features Common To Both Cabinets

All of our wood medicine cabinets and jewelry cabinets share common features. They are made of solid whitewood, which is a version of pine carefully selected to be free of knots and other defects, or can be upgraded to red oak. You can have them delivered unfinished so you can paint or stain them yourself, or you can have one of our professionals apply one of a wide variety of hand treatments including a stunning marbleized finish. These cabinets are 4" deep but can be built as much as 5.5" deep if you have 2x6 walls. Other customization options such as a choice in frames and even the direction the door opens lets you create precisely the look you want. Our medicine cabinets and jewelry cabinets have been designed to share many high quality features common to hand-made furniture, but also for each to have unique characteristics necessary for its purpose. If you donít see what you want, contact us and we can often offer additional customization options.

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