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Organization 101: Even The Clutter Bug Can Get Organized

Not everyone is born with organizational skills. In fact, many people are just the opposite! Small stacks turn into toppling piles. Bills are put aside and lost. Important papers are thrown out accidentally with the pizza boxes and fast food bags. Today's lifestyle can make getting organized feel like a low priority when we actually need in now more than ever.

Getting organized is not an impossible task for the Clutter Bug. The decision and the commitment to get organized is half the battle. If you are truly fed up with the mess, dust, chaos and lack of floor space, there are simple steps that you can take to turn your Rats' Nest into a home worthy of Architectural Digest® -- okay, that's a bit much. But you will be able to walk across a clear floor, find your files, your movies, your music and entertain a guest without having to apology or dig out the couch.

Step One: Create Your Categories

Your categories for getting organized will depend largely upon your personal interests and your lifestyle. Are you a big movie or music buff? Do you work at home? Are you a musician, a collector or an avid reader? Even if your living arrangements are relatively limited, you can invest a surprisingly small amount of money and even less space in the latest shelf systems that take advantage of the space in your walls that already exists between the studs that support those walls.

For most people today, paper files and media storage are the biggest clutter culprits. Paper files are still best suited to an old fashioned file cabinet. The basic rule of thumb is one drawer of file cabinet space for every cardboard box of papers you have lying around. A sturdy file cabinet is a worthwhile investment, both for your records and your sanity. Start by designating one drawer to each category, such as bills, old records, business related paperwork, and so on. After that, it is simply a matter of putting your paperwork in the file cabinet in an orderly fashion. Media storage is such an organizational issue today, that it requires special attention.

Media Storage For The Organizationally Challenged

Media storage consists of where you will put your books, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and computer paraphernalia. DVD media storage is perfectly suited to In Wall storage systems. Installing DVD media storage components in your home allows you to get all of your DVDs in one place and off the floor. Your CDs and VHS tapes can go in the same place. Books will also fit into these shelf systems quite nicely.

With all of your books, DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes in one place, you should be able to see a major improvement in your home. You may also benefit from installing an audio shelf for all of your audio, video, and computer electronics. By this time, you should be able to see the floor and most of your furniture. Don't stop now, youre in the Home Stretch.

Household Shelf Systems

Most households, whether they are apartments, condos or single family homes, manage to contain a variety of household cleaning supplies, cooking tools and utensils, medicine cabinets and tool drawer collections that end up everywhere except where you need them. In Wall shelf systems can provide you with a simple and streamlined method for storing all of your cleaning supplies, your tools, your medicine cabinet contents and even the spices you use when cooking.

Once you actually get started organizing your home, you will be surprised at how simple it is to maintain and to find the things you are looking for. In Wall shelf systems, media storage, an audio shelf and a file cabinet may be all that you need to turn your Cave of Chaos into a Den of Delight. Who knows, your guests may even be willing to come back!

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