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The Ultimate Pre-Teen Boy's Bedroom Makeover

If your pre-teen son has been begging for CD shelf systems, wood media storage, and a magazine rack, it's a good sign that its time to retire the trains and teddy bears in his room. The only problem is that it can get a little difficult when you're still thinking baby boy and he's dreaming of fast cars and girls. Mix a modern style with bold solid colors for a look that will match his style and please you too.


You don't necessarily have to stick to blue, but color really makes a room exciting. Red, yellows, and greens are just three options that satisfy your son's need to feel older while also meeting your design tastes. Don't be afraid to have several bold colors. Once you have your main tone, run it through the color wheel and find out what additional colors work best together. These colors are best used for various accents and decor around the room.


The items for the space should have definite lines that emphasize the modern style and more sophisticated style that tweens look for in a personal space. Wood pieces are the perfect fit. You also want to make sure their functional. Beds with storage underneath are perfect for hiding the toys he can't bear to part with. A place for homework is a must. It should be comfortable and clean in appearance, but it also needs to leave him enough space to create his next masterpiece.

Another essential piece of furniture in a boy's room a wood media storage center for gaming consoles, television, stereo, and other electronic must-have gadgets. Finally, select a matching dresser and a storage unit to hold his clothing and favorite items. Don't be afraid to add CD shelf systems for his computer software and an additional magazine rack for additional favorite things.


A matching magazine rack is the perfect touch to keep magazines, books, and homework assignments off the floor and organized. Have a spot where he can keep all of his supplies and hang up his favorite items. One idea that works well is to combine a whiteboard, calendar, and cork board to hold all of his favorite memos and photos. The media area will need its own storage.

CD shelf systems are ideal for holding anything from DVDs, music, games, and small electronics such as an MP3 player or an alarm clock. You will want to mount these close to the wood media storage to make sure that everything is in a convenient spot and encourage him to keep his room neat and tidy. Designing the perfect room for a tween boy is a battle between many things.

There is the desire to feel older and wiser, enjoy their favorite childhood activities and find balance between what your son wants and what you are willing to let him have. Work out the details by adding CD shelf systems and wood media storage, and enjoy spending the time together.

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