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Selecting Furniture For Your Media Room

When setting up a media room many people get so caught up in choosing the electronics that they don't give the furniture the attention it needs. Comfortable seating, equipment stands, and media shelf systems are also important elements when planning the room.

Media Room Seating

Whether your media room is dedicated to a home theatre or an expensive sound system, comfortable chairs and sofas will enhance the experience. It's best to have two types of seating: permanent and temporary. You may occasionally have friends over and need additional chairs, but most of the time it will just be your own family and you don't want the extra seating cluttering up the room.

When not in use, temporary chairs can be used in other rooms or stored. They will generally be smaller and a bit less comfortable than the permanent seating so you should offer your guests the more comfortable chairs. Location is important to get the best sound experience. Media rooms tend to have one perfect seat where the sound system is centered with other seats arranged nearby.

Equipment Shelves and Cabinets

It doesn't matter if your media center is a huge plasma TV with surround sound audio, or a 12" TV bought on sale at the local department store. Either way you have to have a place to your equipment. Television stands are simple choices. Many of them are wheeled so the TV can be moved around the room if needed. Some have space for a DVD player or console game system.

Some homeowners like television cabinets that can be closed to hide the electronics when they are not in use. These are especially nice if, like most media rooms, the space is used for other activities when not watching movies or listening to music. If your system uses external speakers, each speaker should go on a separate audio shelf. This allows the output from the speakers to reach the entire room.

Media Shelf Systems

Some home theatre furniture includes limited media storage, but for your growing collection of CDs and movies it's best to invest in separate shelf systems. When looking for DVD media storage it is best to use shelf systems rather than DVD racks. Although most DVDs sold today come in standard cases, some still come in promotional packaging that may be oddly sized.

Older DVDs are even more likely to have packaging that won't fit on DVD racks. The same reasoning applies to buying a CD shelf instead of a CD rack. Double albums won't fit in a rack so it's nice to have the versatility of an open shelf rather than a rack. To best protect your media, look for enclosed shelf systems that have glass doors. You can still see your DVDs and CDs but they will be protected from dust.

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