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Creative Space Saving Cabinets And Storage Ideas

Space saving organizational systems such as a wall magazine rack or a recessed toilet paper holder for the bathroom makes everything look neater and easier to keep clean. That isn't the only room in the house that can benefit from these systems. A cabinet spice rack can free up an incredible amount of space in the kitchen. For the bedroom, a jewelry cabinet may be just what you need to tame your favorite items. Many times, it is simply a matter of coming up with the right idea for the room.


On-wall spice racks hang on screws or a cleat that attaches to the wall. Because they mount on the surface, they are easy to install even if you have little experience with tools. The mounting process requires minimal intrusion into the wall so it is easy to move or take down later. For being one of the smallest rooms in the house, this area has to hold a lot of stuff. Recessed medicine cabinets are a great start. If you would like something unique, consider a recessed toilet paper holder with a wall magazine rack built in.

You've even seen some of these multipurpose type units in commercial grade stainless steel in public bathrooms. But they are also available in wood for the home! These multifunctional units come in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. A recessed toilet paper holder might have a trash bin and paper holder with a separate wall magazine rack, or they can have tissue dispensers, paper, garbage, magazines, and a medicine cabinet all in one unit.

Even better, many of these types of units are "modular" in that you could customize them to choose the different "modules" you want your unit to have and the order they appear in the unit! These come in almost any finish or you can order them unfinished and complete the system yourself. To make them really stand out, add a glass or mirrored door to the system or simply frame it in with intricate molding. A recessed toilet paper holder or wall magazine rack can have an arched top to give the lines in your bathroom some variety.


Small bedrooms pose a particular challenge. In many instances, there isn't enough room to include dressers or stand alone jewelry cabinet for small items. An in-the-wall system may be just what you are looking for. On the outside, these are very similar to a recessed medicine cabinet often with a mirror face and artistic wood frames. Instead of wide shelves, the inside of a jewelry cabinet is full of bars, hooks, and small shelves designed specifically for holding these delicate items without tangling together.

They can even have a hidden hinge and locking mechanism to make them safe and secure without harming the visual appeal of the piece. For pierced earrings, stretch a pretty piece of cloth across an inexpensive embroidery hoop. Then, push the earrings through the material, put the backing on the other side, and hang it up next to the jewelry cabinet.


The spices and small bottles are the first thing to become horribly unorganized. It is rare to have enough space for everything causing them to start spreading to other cupboards or the countertop. A cabinet spice rack can help you deal with this problem. A cabinet spice rack comes in almost any size and is available in either a single or dual version.

They can hang on the wall or you can purchase a cabinet spice rack to save space. Add a door and even a mirror on the front, or you can leave them open to show off your culinary prowess. A wall magazine rack, cabinet spice rack, jewelry cabinet, and a recessed toilet paper holder are just a few of the space saving storage ideas you can incorporate into your home. They are easy to install. The lower stress level and beauty they add to each room will make you wonder how you ever lived without them.

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