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Options for Spice Racks

With over two dozen models to choose from and lots of options for each, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which of our spice racks is right for your kitchen. Choosing the right unit isnt that hard when you break it down to a few simple decisions. One of the first decisions is to narrow down the size range you are looking for. Our products range from a petite 18 for a small kitchen to the enormous 72 and 78 models that will hold every spice ever made.

On-Wall Or In-Wall Spice Racks

On-wall spice racks hang on screws or a cleat that attaches to the wall. Because they mount on the surface, they are easy to install even if you have little experience with tools. The mounting process requires minimal intrusion into the wall so it is easy to move or take down later. In-wall spice racks mount recessed into the wall. Installation requires cutting away a piece of drywall and attaching the rack with construction adhesive. The procedure is not difficult but does require a bit more skill than our on-wall units. This mounting is intended to be permanent and moving the unit later is difficult. However, the recessed mounting looks much nicer and doesnt take up as much kitchen space.

Open Or Cabinet Spice Racks

Most of our units have an open design, with the shelves and their contents exposed to view. This is what most people think of when they envision a spice rack. Some of our products are cabinet spice racks that include doors. The standard door has a frosted glass panel but other options are available such as clear glass, mirrors, or solid wood doors.

Options For Our Spice Racks

All of our products have a variety of customization options so they will best fit your kitchens decor. Our cabinet spice racks have several different door types. Unlike the open designs, the spice cabinets have adjustable glass shelves and you can order additional shelves for even more storage space. Our in-wall units, both regular and cabinet spice racks, can be customized to be deeper to allow additional storage space.

We can create a cabinet spice rack that is as deep as 5.5 and if you have the 2x6 walls to hold them, you will be pleased at how much storage space this offers. Both our in-wall spice rack and on-wall spice rack are made of solid whitewood which can be upgraded to red oak. They are delivered unfinished so you can stain or paint them yourself or you can have one of our professionals apply one of a range of finishes, including a very attractive marbleized finish.

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