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Stylish Bathroom Storage Ideas - Save Space And Look Good

Trying to organize a small bathroom can turn your bathroom into a source of frustration rather than a relaxing getaway. Instead of shoving everything under the sink and into cramped medicine cabinets, try some creative and efficient storage solutions. Try these fast and creative ideas to bring some space to your overcrowded bathroom.

Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue, And More

These miscellaneous items are an absolute necessity, but storing them can be a real pain! They fall on the floor or get smashed behind other necessities if they aren't stored properly. They can also take up a lot of space. A recessed bathroom storage cabinet is a smart solution to this cumbersome problem. Because the cabinet is recessed into the wall, the cabinet doesn't take up valuable bathroom real estate. A recessed bathroom storage cabinet sits between the wall studs and keeps everything organized and out of the way. So that these cabinets don't become another catchall, look for those that are designed specifically to store items such as toilet paper, facial tissue, and magazines. These life-saving, space-saving recessed wall cabinets come in a variety of finishes, trims, and shapes to match the decor and add to the luxurious look in your bathroom.

Facecloths, Q-Tips, And Mixed Items

The little items you need in the bathroom such as facecloths and lotions take sure consume a lot of space! An on-the-wall bathroom wall cabinet is perfect for keeping all of your beauty and personal care items in one place, behind a neat and tidy door, and without hogging up a large amount of floor space. These types of bathroom wall cabinets are available in a variety of heights and styles. Adding a cabinet is an opportunity to add some design style to your bathroom as well. Choose one with a delicate glass door, a mirror, or a beautiful wood panel door. Then find a style, a finish, and a trim that matches the room's decor.

Jewelry And Small Items

Little items can be a real pain, particularly if you don't have enough drawer space to keep them in. Even then, tossing everything into a drawer makes it difficult to find anything. A great space-saving tip for storing jewelry is a jewelry 'branch.' A jewelry branch is like a mini 'tree' with branches where you can hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. You can buy these in sterling silver or wood to sit on your countertop -- or get creative and hang a branch from outside on your wall for a unique piece of art. For other small items, use decorative jars, baskets, and trays on a stackable countertop tray.

A bathroom wall cabinet, a multipurpose bathroom storage cabinet, and a few other creative ideas can go a long way in terms of cleaning up the clutter in this busy room. And, with a little bit of creativity and quality systems, you'll find these beautiful storage solutions add to the ambiance of the room as well.

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