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Decorating Ideas For Teenage Girls - A Jewelry Cabinet, An Audio Shelf And Shelf Systems

The perfect room for a teenage girl can mean so many things. Some are true girly-girls while others wouldn't hear of having a single hint of pink anywhere in the near vicinity. By choosing staple accessories such as a jewelry cabinet, DVD media storage, and audio shelf systems, you can create a space specifically for your daughter.

The Girly Girl

These rooms are all about showing off their feminine side and taking pride in their softer qualities. Large post beds make a great starting point when they are topped off with pinks, whites and lilacs. Follow it through with a dresser and matching makeup table with gentle angles and curves touched with shocking white or an antiqued cream.

Since these girls are all about hanging out and having fun, an area set aside for entertainment is a must. Lots of DVD media storage mounted on the wall gives them the room they need to store the hottest movies for girls' nights and vegging after a busy day. A well-planned audio shelf system can hold all of their favorite CDs and stereo equipment. For their trinkets and favorite treasures, a large jewelry cabinet is a must. Lastly, consider a floor length mirror.


These girls like a no-fuss space with room to stretch out and no frilly clutter. For tomboys, it's all about function. Large furniture items should have a modern design with solid bright colors and sharp lines. For fun, add in beanbag or inflatable chairs for stretching out and watching the latest sporting event on TV. A large, organized closet or a simple dresser will provide more than enough space for clothing. What these girls really want is a spot to keep their equipment, so have baskets handy that slide under the bed or into the closet.

The color palette for the space could include jewel tones of purples, deep blues, and greens with some touches of gold or silver to lighten it up. This personality likely doesn't have much in terms of jewelry, but the number of small treasures and hidden secrets will still need a home. Give her a jewelry cabinet with straight lines and a rich stain to put them all in. TVs and something to watch previously recorded games are a must for her space. DVD media storage should be moderate and on the wall to keep it out of the way. Audio shelf systems should be the same. All of these accessories should have the same practical modern form.

Regardless of what kind of personality your teenage daughter has and what she prefers, her room should be decorated in a way that suits her and makes her feel at home. A jewelry cabinet, DVD media storage, and audio shelf systems can work in almost any space simply by considering the stain and shape. She will not just like her new room - she'll love it!

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