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Tips for Blending Households: What To Do With All That Stuff

Getting married is an exciting time. It also means moving in with your betrothed, now that you are husband and wife. In doing so, many couples discover that they have duplicates of many household items and less storage space than they need. Instead of renting a storage unit and hiding your prized possessions away, the very walls of your home hold the storage space you need, right before your eyes.

Two sets of dishes, plus the china you received as a wedding gift, two blenders, more DVDs and CDs than you care to count, magazines and books, knick knacks, stereo equipment, clothes, household cleaning supplies’Ķthe list seems endless until you get organized with In Wall shelving units that use the space between the studs in your wall for storage that won't use up floor space.

Make A Marvelous Entertainment Center In Your New Home

Media is a big part of our lives today. Music, movies, computers and video games provide hours of entertainment but the components can drastically interfere with simply walking across the room. In Wall Media Storage uses your walls to protect, display and store these items. DVD media storage allows easy access in an attractive manner. Audio shelf systems can keep your electronics dust free and easy to use. A CD shelf can make your music collection look better than ever.

Wood media storage looks attractive, is easy to maintain and it will keep your possessions safe and out of the way. Set into the space between the studs in your walls, In Wall media storage leaves you plenty of room for other items while providing easy access to those things you use most often. In Wall media storage can also incorporate a hidden jewelry cabinet, to protect your valuables, keeping them out of sight.

Don't Get Mad, Get Organized!

Getting used to living with someone else, even someone you love dearly, can bring on certain frustrations. These frustrations can be minimized with a plan of action. Getting organized is really an exercise in categorizing and sorting. You will also have to recognize that you don't have to keep everything you own when your spouse already has the same item. Relax and try to enjoy the process of creating your home together.

Set aside time to work together. Once you have your media storage installed, unpack all of your DVDs and CDs and see if there are any duplicates. These can be given to your local Good Will or other charity group for a tax write-off. Then, you can fill your CD and DVD media storage shelves attractively. As you go through each room, use your wood media storage to sort, protect and display your possessions.

Media Storage Isn't Your Only Option

While media storage is a big part of setting up a household, it is certainly not the only thing in your home taking up space. Your kitchen can be made more efficient and safer with In Wall spice racks, shelf systems and other storage. Bedrooms, dens and living rooms can be made more spacious and livable with In Wall book shelves, In Wall magazine racks and other storage options.

Your new life together can be made all that much more enjoyable with useful and effective storage options that keep your possessions safe, easy to reach and attractively displayed.

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