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Wall Bathroom Storage

Often the smallest room in the house, the bathroom sees much more traffic and serves many more roles than the largest room. One of the biggest concerns with bathrooms is the plain lack of storage. There just never seems to be enough for everything that must be included in a bathroom, and it's also difficult to make storage look chic and decorative. How can you add storage space to such a small room and still make it look attractive and stylish?

Use Every Square Inch

The trick is to use every available surface, nook, and cranny when thinking of bathroom space. For instance, an over-the-commode shelving unit can hold towels, supplies, and other necessities. Organizing closet space with shelves and hooks is also a good idea. Stacking cubes and a small table with shelf space can also help with storage concerns in the bathroom.

Use hooks on the back of the bathroom door to hang damp towels, robes, and pajamas. Look at your walls with a keen eye; often in-the-wall bathroom storage cabinets can offer a place for medicine, personal items, and bath products while still looking stylish and offering architectural interest to the room.

Pairing Up Wall Bathroom Storage To Maximize Space

When considering a bathroom storage cabinet, think in pairs to double your storage space. Side by side or on opposing walls, matching storage cabinets afford twice the storage space without taking up precious room in your bathroom.

They can also serve as a focal point to the room while offering tons of space to stash personal necessities. As an added bonus, space can be allotted to all family members so everyone knows where their particular items are stored. A quick inventory can tell you right away which items need to be replaced.

Thinking Outside The Box

In tiny rooms, a bathroom storage cabinet may seem too large for the room. Think outside the box in this case. Consider setting kitchen spice racks in the wall as an alternative to conventional wall bathroom storage. Kitchen spice racks come in a variety of styles, colors, and dimensions and can be paired up or even tripled to add much-needed storage space.

In addition, this unusual approach can bring a unique design element without overwhelming a small bathroom. You can choose either frosted or clear glass doors, depending on the design look you're after.

Designing a bathroom for function and stylishness can be a tricky proposition. There's not a lot of space to work with, so you have to be clever in solving your storage problems. By using in-the-wall bathroom storage solutions, you can solve several problems at once.

Adding style as well as purpose, a bathroom storage cabinet can be your best friend. Pair them up, and you can create a stunning and unusual bathroom that is ready to take on all the duties required of the smallest and most used room in the house.

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