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Storage Ideas To Rid Your Home Of Paper Clutter

As the clutter inevitably begins to build in our homes, it can create a sense of unease and discontent in the one place that is supposed to be our sanctuary. At least once a year it is essential that we set aside the time to really go through our home to clear out the junk and organize the things we decide to keep. Not only will you find more room, but once everything is in its place you wont find yourself spending an hour trying to find your checkbook.

Throw Out the Junk

The first step is for everyone in the family to go through every closet, drawer, and shelf and get rid of everything that is unnecessary. Make a charity stack for gently-used items that others might be able to benefit from, and a junk stack for things that should go in the garbage.

A good rule of thumb is that if you havent used it in a year, then it gets tossed. Avoid the but Im going to use it any day now thoughts which are the reason you acquired so much detritus in the first place. Be brutal. Anything you miss can be replaced later.

There are a small number of objects that can be exceptions from the 1-year rule. For example, you arent going to throw out your fire extinguishers, but you should at least check that they are properly charged.

Resist the urge to get rich by selling your discarded stuff on eBay. Everyone has that idea and most people never get around to doing it, meaning that pile never moves which defeats the purpose of a good clear-out. Besides, the money you make will be trivial unless you discover a stash of vintage baseball cards or a forgotten Stradivarius.

Find More Storage

Now that you have aggressively cleared out the excess, it is time to find a good way to store what is left. One interesting accessory is the on-wall magazine rack. These inexpensive pieces are an attractive way to get magazines and books out of the way while still keeping them accessible.

Most homes would be better off with an on-wall magazine rack, which mounts easily on the surface of the wall. They require little skill to mount correctly, no more than hanging a picture, and can be moved to another location if you decide to rearrange the furniture. The other choice is an in-wall magazine rack which looks nicer, but requires cutting into the drywall for proper installation.

For items that wont fit into an on-wall magazine rack, you might go with shelves or stackable storage cubes. Every home should have a desk for bills and homework where items like staplers can be put out of sight but remain accessible.

Once you have organized your home, keep everything in its place. At least once a week go around and put everything away. If you do it often, it doesnt take long to maintain a clutter-free home. Then next year, go through this whole process again. If youve kept things organized, even the annual cleaning shouldnt take much effort.

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