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Finding The Perfect Wine Rack Cabinet - What To Look For

Wine rack cabinets are becoming an extremely popular addition to today's homes thanks to the growing appreciation for fine wines. If you plan to keep wines on hand for any length of time, you will need to store them properly to maintain and actually improve the taste. If you do not store them properly, you will find the wine will go bad. For those who are new to the world of delicious grapes, selecting the right method of storage can be a bit difficult.

The Number Of Bottles In Storage

Before looking for a wine rack cabinet, decide how much wine you will keep on hand. If you only keep enough on hand for special occasions, a smaller model that can hold one each of white, red, and sparkling varieties will do nicely. If you like to enjoy it on a daily basis, look for a rack that will hold 15-30. This will give you enough space for a few of each kind as well as room for premium types. In this instance, you might also like a small one for the kitchen or fridge for convenience.

The Type Of Wine Rack Cabinets And Stands

High-quality stands come mainly in four different materials. A wooden wine rack cabinet is the most common because they offer an excellent value for your money. They are stronger than those made out of many other materials, and available in many different styles, making it easy for you to choose one that enhances your decor. Glass is a nice choice for display purposes. They add elegance to the space and show off your collection, but they are fragile.

They also require frequent cleaning to keep the fingerprints at bay. Metal racks are a popular variety because they are almost maintenance free and are highly resilient to damage. Wicker styles look fantastic, particularly if you will keep in a country-style decorated home. They don't collect as much dust as glass, and give you the added opportunity to paint or decorated it to match your current decor. One thing to keep in mind is that wicker damages easily and may not hold as much weight.

The Storage Location

Wine rack cabinets are often referred to by either their total bottle capacity or its racked wine capacity. The first refers to the number of spaces available, but this isn't how you will actually store the bottles because of weight and visual design. Think of the second number like the amount of recommended bottles. The ideal location will be out of the sun with 50-60 degree temperatures and a humidity of 60-70 percent humility.

Where you decide to keep your wine rack cabinets will determine the size and type you need. A full wooden wall unit set aside for wines would be nice, but it isn't always practical. Freestanding styles look great along an empty wall. Some are small, but on wheels to make it easier to stand on an end wall or in a corner that is otherwise wasted.

They are also available in wall mountable as well as countertop styles. If you can't find one that fits well into your space or are envisioning a look that you can't seem to find, you can order or build your own custom unit. If you enjoy entertaining, or if you truly love the feeling of settling down at the end of the day to pamper yourself with some relaxation, having a well stocked wine rack is the perfect addition to your home!

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