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Simple Ways To Revitalize Your Bathroom With Wood Medicine Cabinets

A medicine cabinet may not seem like the focal point of a bathroom, but this one item can change the entire the look and feel of the room. The medicine cabinet is usually the only fixture positioned at eye level in this small room, meaning that it is normally the first place our eye goes in the room. Old metal styles of medicine cabinets that are tacked on the wall of many American bathrooms make the room appear small and dated not to mention difficult to use. With a few hints and tips, you can replace it with one of the many fashionable wood medicine cabinets that look great and keep your bathroom organized.

Recessed Or Wall Mounted?

One of the first decisions you will encounter is whether to install recessed wood medicine cabinets or one that is mounted onto the wall. Generally, styles that attach onto the wall are great for larger bathrooms that have a wider vanity or corner. It will not get in the way of the sink or toilet and give you an extra ledge to store decorative items or extra supplies. A recessed system can be used almost anywhere and is particularly handy in small bathrooms where space is in short supply. When purchasing these, you want to watch the sizing carefully.

They need to fit between the studs, which are standard, but you will want to keep an eye on the height and depth. In a 2x4 wall, for example, recessed styles get fairly narrow making it difficult for wider bottles to fit on the shelves. A hybrid between the two is a little more difficult to find, however it is a far better option for 2x4 walls. This system sits between the studs, but it sits out from the wall by a couple of inches. You get the needed storage space of a wall mount with the space saving benefits of an in-the-wall medicine cabinet. If you are having difficulty finding a unit big enough, look outside the box!

Other units may be billed as Spice Cabinets, Curio Cabinets, Wall Niches or regular in-wall cabinets, but they can actually function as any type of cabinet. So don't let the title fool you. For instance, an on-the-wall spice cabinet can range in size from 18-72" and some can even be found in single and double versions. This gives you the flexibility to choose how large you want the cabinet to be. And many on-the-wall cabinets are shallow enough that they could even be mounted behind a door for added storage! As an added benefit, many wall spice racks are modular making them inexpensive to ship.

Matching Bathroom Decor

These storage systems come in a variety of shapes, colors, and details to fit easily into any decor. Mirrored styles are great for small bathrooms because it eliminates the need for a separate mirror and makes the room look larger. These systems come in more shapes than just square or rectangular. Styles with an arched top add a touch of elegance and visual interest to the space. Decorative frames and accents such as etching are great when it comes to adding to the decor.

If you would like to match the existing finishes in your home, order an unfinished system and coat it with leftover paint from the trim in the bathroom or give it a custom finish all your own. Wood medicine cabinets add a luxurious feel to any style of bathroom. Decide which style of medicine cabinet will give you the space you need and match it to the decor in the room for a custom look that rivals the fanciest of hotels.

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