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Ashley 18 inch On-the-wall Cabinet 5.5D

Item: ASH-318 Price: $354.00 Show This Category View Cart

Dimensions: Overall height 19.5", Overall width 15.5", Inside height 16.5", and inside width 12.5", Depth: 5.25" inside. Overall depth is 6 1/4".

Excellent, high quality crafstmanship. Arrived ahead of schedule.Very pleased .

- W. Nickey

NEW AND IMPROVED! CUSTOMIZE THIS CABINET IN MANY WAYS AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! We've made numerous improvements to these cabinets based on customer feedback and suggestions. If you've ever needed an extra cabinet here or there, you know you've only got a few choices - from cheap plastic ones for the garage to all-out kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets are hand crafted from solid pine with solid maple doors. You can customize the cabinet in many different ways included custom sizing! Two adjustable GLASS shelves (you can choose wood shelves as an option if you would rather have that), and the ability to "dress it up" with the optional crown top and optional fluting on the sides of the cabinet. Door is reversible. You can also make these cabinets do whatever you want just by the door option you choose! They can be a storage cabinet, a curio if you choose the glass door, a medicine cabinet if you choose the mirror door, or elegant with the raised panel door. Now you can have a great place to keep things and not have to take up any floor space.

ASSEMBLY: Some light assembly is required. You will need to attach the door to the unit as well as the Crown Top (if you order that option).

Select Options and Upgrades below, then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Add to Cart button
The best feature of our products is that we offer you multiple options to customize your products! This way, you can tailor the product to your specific needs or desires. Selecting our options and upgrades is very simple! Browse the options list below. The items in yellow are additional cost upgrades, while the items in purple are no-cost choices you may need to make for us to handcraft your product correctly. (You will only need to click your choice to highlight it), then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "Add to Cart" button.
IF YOU ONLY DESIRE THE BASE UNIT, You may only need to make choices in the purple sections, then click the "Add to Cart" button.
If you are ordering more than one of an item, and you want them configured differently (even if it's only a door swing direction that's different!), each one will need to be added to the cart separately.

NEW OPTION - CUSTOM SIZES available online! Many of our customers need a custom size product because they are trying to fit it into a certain size space. For years, we have made custom size cabinets and magazine racks with a nominal custom size fee so it's very inexpensive to get the exact size you need. Now we've made it even easier. Get exactly the size you need made and at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Why go to alot of extra effort trying to make a cabinet fit, when you can get one to fit in your space perfectly? To determine the size product you need, all we need to know is the OVERALL MEASUREMENTS you want the cabinet to be.

PLEASE NOTE: When custom sizing, start with the cabinet height which is closest to what you are wanting. For instance, if you are needing a 35" high cabinet, start with the 36" model, then custom size it. Don't worry though - we will correct any orders on our end so that they are done accurately. WE CANNOT guarantee single panel doors which are wider than 18" against warping. You can certainly get your cabinet with only one door, and it can be a single panel as well (meaning no dividers in the door), however, if the door warps, we will be unable to replace it for you. Typically, if the cabinet box is wider than 20", we will upgrade it to a double door unit for this reason, and correct your order for price accordingly. If you absolutely want it to be a single door, single panel (no dividers in the door), we can do that. Please note it below. Our shopping cart system can only ESTIMATE Shipping costs. If the actual shipping costs are more, we will charge the difference. If the actual shipping costs are less, we will refund the difference back to you. We ONLY charge what the actual costs are to ship your product to you.

  Custom Size N/C

Vist our FAQ page and find tips on how you can determine your wall depth easily.

(Please note that ordering custom sizes which will result in large pieces of mirror or glass cannot be shipped and arrive to you safely. Therefore, if we deem that your custom size will result in a miror or glass piece which is too large to ship, we will issue a credit of $20 on your order, and you will need to obtain the mirror or glass from a local glass shop.) This way, you can still get what you want, and you'll get the mirror or glass to your home in one piece!

  I want ONE door only, regardless of the large size N/C

  Double doors are OK with me

(Please note: While we are happy to provide you with exactly what you want, there are certain instances where we must caution you. When ordering a cabinet which results in the door being over 18" wide, it is possible that the door can warp. While we WILL provide you a single door if you want it, we usually recommend those widths be double door instead. However, if you check the box above that you want a single door, we will make it that way, but we are unable to guarantee the door against warping.

Enter the OVERALL WIDTH AND HEIGHT dimensions of the cabinet you want below:

This product comes standard with the WCD-4 RAISED PANEL DOOR as it is shown in the photos. Many optional doors are available for this product. Take a look through our enormous selection of doors, choose one you like and click that option to change it. Be aware, however, that if you choose a style we do not stock, it WILL result in a 3-5 week lead time as we have to wait to get that door from our Door Shop. Click HERE to see a larger version of this image. Many other doors are available through our Custom Catalog. If you want to order a Custom Catalog Door, please choose the Custom Catalog Door and we will contact you to obtain your selection and walk through the options for that door choice. Slab doors can be made in stain grade (fully stainable), but are limited to 30" high and 16" wide, because solid wood slab doors larger than that will likely warp. We do not guarantee ANY slab doors against warping.

  WCD-0 Slab Door    N/C
   WCD-1 Inset Panel Door    N/C
   WCD-2 Clear Glass Panel Door    N/C
   WCD-3 Mirror Panel Door    N/C
   WCD-6 Beadboard Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-7 Eyebrow Inset Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-8 Eyebrow Clear Glass Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-9 Eyebrow Mirror Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-10 Eyebrow Raised Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-12 Eyebrow Beadboard Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-13 Cathedral Inset Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-14 Cathedral Glass Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-15 Cathedral Mirror Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-16 Cathedral Raised Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-18 Cathedral Beadboard Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-19 Shaker Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-20 Shaker Glass Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-21 Shaker Mirror Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-22 Shaker Beadboard Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-24 Mission Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-25 Mission Glass Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-26 Mission Mirror Panel Door    N/C
  WCD-27 Mission Beadboard Panel Door    N/C
  Custom Catalog Door Requested (We will contact you with a quote)   Additional charge will apply


If you need more glass shelves than what the product normally comes with, you can order those below. Shelves will come with the shelf supports, so you do not need to order anything else. Extra shelves are always handy, and you can never have enough!

ONE Extra Glass Shelf for 2.5" deep products (+6.00)
TWO Extra Glass Shelves for 2.5" deep products (+12.00)
THREE Extra Glass Shelves for 2.5" deep products (+18.00)
FOUR Extra Glass Shelves for 2.5" deep products (+24.00)
FIVE Extra Glass Shelves for 2.5" deep products (+30.00)

ONE Extra Glass Shelf for 3.5" deep products (+6.00)
TWO Extra Glass Shelves for 3.5" deep products (+12.00)
THREE Extra Glass Shelves for 3.5" deep products (+18.00)
FOUR Extra Glass Shelves for 3.5" deep products (+24.00)
FIVE Extra Glass Shelves for 3.5" deep products (+30.00)

ONE Extra Glass Shelf for 5.5" deep products (+8.00)
TWO Extra Glass Shelves for 5.5" deep products (+16.00)
THREE Extra Glass Shelves for 5.5" deep products (+24.00)
FOUR Extra Glass Shelves for 5.5" deep products (+32.00)
FIVE Extra Glass Shelves for 5.5" deep products (+40.00)

ONE Extra Glass Shelf for 7.25" deep products (+10.00)
TWO Extra Glass Shelves for 7.25" deep products (+20.00)
THREE Extra Glass Shelves for 7.25" deep products (+30.00)
FOUR Extra Glass Shelves for 7.25" deep products (+40.00)
FIVE Extra Glass Shelves for 7.25" deep products (+50.00)

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(option file crowntop.html not found)

  Cabinet side Fluting    $6.00

We offer two different types of LED Light kits. One is a motion senseor bar light, and the other has an on/off switch. Motion sensor light kits work perfect in a medicine cabinet because they will come on when you open the door, and go off a short time after you close the door. Perfect for finding medications in the middle of the night without waking your spouse!

On/Off light kits work perfect in wall niches or curio cabinets because you determine when they go on and off.

LED on/off Bar Light Kit $18.00
LED Motion Sensor Bar Light Kit $18.00


Optional finishes are available for this product. If you do not choose a finish color below, your item will come to you UNFINISHED (Bare Wood) so that you can paint or stain it yourself. If you are staining the item yourself, please don't forget to order the Stainable Backer Board Option above.

Choosing a color below will mean that your product is finished for you in that color. Our New ColorMatch Service is also available on this product. ColorMatch is perfect if you are wanting your product to match an existing Sherwin Williams, Behr, Glidden or many other paints you have in your home, or if you just want your product painted in one of their hundreds of colors! Simply choose the ColorMatch below, then add the color number of the paint you want to use in the Special Instructions box at the bottom of this screen before you click "Add to Cart". Colormatch is available with Sherwin Williams, Behr (Home Depot), Glidden, or Valspar paints. Sheen of the paint will be unimportant because we must use a topcoat over it to protect the finish during shipping. That topcoat is a satin finish.

(CAREFUL! - If you order a product and you've selected below "Hold for my PAINT color choice", you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STAIN IT, only paint it. This is because we make the products differently depending on whether it will be a stain or a paint finish. Paint grade products are made from pre-primed lumber and trim where possible.

To request a free sample chip of any of the paint colors, just click on the link below and send us your mailing adddress and we'll get one out to you promptly.

Send me a Sample!

Click HERE to see available PAINT FINISH colors in a large format chart

Primed Ready to Paint N/C
ColorMatch Service $20.00
Gloss White Enamel N/C
Satin White Enamel N/C
Gloss Black Enamel N/C
Satin Black Enamel    N/C
Eggshell Cream Enamel (cream color) N/C
Alabaster Enamel (off white) N/C
Antique White Enamel (off white) N/C
Hold for my PAINT color choice, I've ordered sample chips to see
(we will adjust your order if needed once color choice has been finalized)

Click HERE to see available Finish colors
There's nothing like a warm stain color to really make the grain of the wood "pop". Stains bring out the natural beauty of the wood, and the clear top coat finish provides a durable surface. Many of our stains are available as a sample chip for you to see. We do our sample chips on birch veneer so that you get a good idea what that color will look like. No two pieces of wood are exactly alike, and therefore the final color of your product can vary slightly. To request a free sample chip of any of the stain colors, just click on the link below and send us your mailing adddress and we'll get one out to you promptly.

Send me a Stain Sample!

Click HERE to see available STAIN FINISH colors in a large format chart.

(we will adjust your order if needed once color choice has been finalized)

Click HERE to see available Stain options
(You will need to order the optional Stainable Backer Board
if you choose a stain finish color)


You have the choice of whether you want to door to open to the LEFT or to the RIGHT. We've given you photos of cabinets with both directions below to make it easy and convenient for you to make a decision.


You determine the door swing direction by which side of the cabinet you mount the hinges on. We do not drill for the knob or handle on any of our cabinets. Even if you are choosing a ROUTED FINGER PULL, we will place a routed finger pull both at the top and bottom of the door. That way, whichever side of the cabinet you mount the door on, there will be a usable finger pull. For cabinets which are taller than 36", we will generally place that finger pull on the side of the door, halfway up.

(Hinges and Knob)

If you are ordering the Optional Concealed Hinges, you will still need to make a selection below.

You have the choice from various knobs and handles which we stock. Your product will come with a satin nickel knob unless you choose an optional knob or handle. A Routed Finger Pull is a no-cost option in place of a knob or handle if you like the clean look. Generally all cabinets up to 36 inch high will come with a knob, and all cabinets 37 inches tall or higher will come with a handle. WE DO NOT DRILL FOR KNOBS OR HANDLES. NOTE: We normally do not drill knobs on trash can doors (or include knobs for it) because typically these are placed in areas where space is limited, and most customers have told us that they don't want the units sticking out any farther than absolutely necessary. A NOTE ON ROUTED FINGER PULLS: The default placement is the bottom of the door. We can also place them on the top or side of the door. Please mark your desired location below when choosing the routed finger pull. Generally, with two door units, if the doors are such that there won't be enough room for fingers between them, rather than placing the routed finger pulls in the top and bottom of the doors (so they are together), we would place them on the side where there is room for your fingers to be able to use them.

Birdcage Handle

Birdcage Knob

Satin Nickel Knob

Nickel Bar Pull

Square Knob

Polished Brass Knob

Chrome Knob

Square Knob

Allison Chrome Handle

Allison Polished Brass Handle

Allison Antique Brass Handle

Allison Satin Nickel Handle

Allison Oil Rubbed Bronze Handle

Routed Finger Pull - Will be placed on the bottom or top of the door as appropriate

Routed Finger Pull - Side of Door - No knob or Handle

(Please place any special instructions you may have about your item here. If we have any questions, or there is a problem with something you've ordered, we will contact you prior to starting on your order.)

If you are ordering your product without a paint or stain finish, we just need to know if you plan to stain it or if you plan to paint it. If you mark below that you plan to paint it, the product will be primed only. Ready to Paint means that we have primed it, caulked all the joints, and sanded it. It is actually READY for you to paint it.

I plan to PAINT this product! (It will automatically come with the "Ready to Paint" finish.

I plan to STAIN this product!(I need the entire product in Stain Grade.