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ON-the-wall Mag Rack/TP Holder

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Specification Sheet

Dimensions are (corresponds to the diagram below) (A) 20", (B) 11", (C) 18.5", (D) 9.5", Depth: 2.5" standard or you can add one of our optional depths if you need more space. Hangs on the wall with only two screws.

Shipped and arrived well ahead of time. Just as described! Very happy with the product quality and style!

- R. Pickens

Simple design, low price, easy to hang. What more can we say? Includes our exclusive Stealth Fastening System. You can't see it from any angle, but it's stronger than you might imagine. Or, if you prefer, we can finish it for you in one of several color choices. Click Here to see all of our available color selections, or we also offer a handpainted marbleized finish in one of five different colors shown on the same page. This new product combines a magazine rack with a toilet paper holder into one unit AND it it designed to hang ON the wall with only two hidden screws! Stains and enamel finishes are available on this product. TP roller holds both single and double size rolls. Pictured with double size roll installed. Ships with a white Kromecoat backer board which you can glue or staple on the back of the unit before you hang it if you want to cover the wall behind the rack.

Be sure to chek out our Multipurpose Units as well. These units combine magazine racks with toilet paper holders, cabinets, and even an in the wall trash can! How's that for all in one convenience? And it's out of the way in the wall - perfect for small bathrooms with limited storage or floorspace!

We've made it easy for you to download the Specification Sheet from the link on the left, which includes a color photo, product highlights, dimensions and all available options all in one convenient sheet that you can print off! You can also watch an installation video for this product! It's easier than you think!

Maybe you aren't sure what the depth of your wall is? Or maybe you aren't sure about the lead time on a product you want to order? You'll find the answers to these and many other frequently asked questions on our FAQ page. There are also links to articles which can provide helpful tips on choosing the right products for your space and application as well as some great ideas for thinking "outside the box" when it comes to home decor and storage ideas on our Knowledgebase page.

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Optional depths are available on this product. The standard depth of this product is 2.5" deep. If you If you need extra space in your rack, you can order it with the 3.5" or the 5.5" depth option.

PLEASE NOTE: Our shopping cart system calculates shipping based on the stock box size used to ship your product(s) and the weight of the item along with your zip code. But with an infinite number of possible custom combinations and/or sizes, our shopping cart system cannot possibly calculate shipping accurately in some cases. Adding optional deeper depths to your product may make it larger larger than what will fit in our stock boxes, or if the actual shipping cost is more than the cart has calculated, we will adjust the shipping charge appropriately.

  Full Wall Depth 3.5" deep Option    $18.00
  2x6 Wall Depth 5.5" deep Option    $24.00

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You can opt for one of our new Fence Options instead of the standard 3-Dowels across the magazine area for an upscale look! The fence option takes the place of the dowels in front of the magazine rack area and can create a whole new look for the product!



  Three Dowel Option    $2.00
  Fence Option 1 (Four Vertical Dowels)    $6.00
  Fence Option 2 (Three Slanted Dowels)    $6.00
  Fence Option 3 (Five Spindles)    $6.00
  Fence Option 4 (Sunburst Pattern)    $6.00

Do you want to be able to use MEGA TP Rolls in your unit? Have you ever wondered why toilet paper comes in such large rolls that won't work with many holders? The manufacturers can't change the size of the cardboard core, so they just make the rolls longer (and larger diameter!) That's a problem with many toilet paper holders though as they can't accommodate diameters that large. Well this is the option for you! Choosing this option will increase the overall measurements of the unit because it actually increases the height of the TP section itself. Having this option will allow you to use any size rolls that are on the market no matter how large - even the Charmin Mega Rolls and Scott 1000's!

If you add this option, your unit will increase in height by 1.5" (for both the overall measurements as well as the rough opening size), so be sure that you have the space to accommodate that.

MEGA TP Holder Option $9.00


Optional Chrome rollers are available with this product.

  Chrome TP Roller    N/C


Optional finishes are available for this product. If you do not choose a finish color below, your item will come to you UNFINISHED (Bare Wood) so that you can paint or stain it yourself.

Our New ColorMatch Service is also available on this product. ColorMatch is perfect if you are wanting your product to match an existing Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Kelly Moore, Behr, Valspar, Glidden or many other paints you have in your home, or if you just want your product painted in one of their hundreds of colors! Simply choose the ColorMatch below, then add the color number of the paint you want to use in the Special Instructions box at the bottom of this screen before you click "Add to Cart". Colormatch is only for STOCK COLORS OF paints. If you have a custom color formula on your shelf in a garage, we could do that too. But keep in mind, if it is not a STOCK COLOR NUMBER, there will be a higher charge because we would have to get a gallon mixed. Often times, the formulas used to create a gallon do not translate to a smaller quantity such as a quart (which is more than enough to paint any of our products). Colormatch paints are available in SATIN sheen ONLY. This is because we must use our clear top coat specialty product over the paint color you've chosen for packaging reasons.

(CAREFUL! - If you order a product and you've selected below "Hold for my PAINT color choice", you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STAIN IT, only paint it. This is because we make the products differently depending on whether it will be a stain or a paint finish. Paint grade products are made from pre-primed lumber and trim where possible.
To request a free sample chip of any of the paint colors, just click on the link below and send us your mailing adddress and we'll get one out to you promptly.

Send me a Sample!

Click HERE to see available PAINT FINISH colors in a large format chart

  Ready to Paint    $35.00
  ColorMatch Service    $55.00
  Charcoal Enamel    $55.00
  Eggshell Cream Enamel (cream color)    $35.00
  Alabaster Enamel (off white)    $35.00
  Antique White Enamel (yellowish white)    $35.00
  Hold for my PAINT color choice, I've ordered sample chips to see    $0.00
(we will adjust your order as needed once color choice has been finalized)

Click HERE to see available Finish colors
There's nothing like a warm stain color to really make the grain of the wood "pop". Stains bring out the natural beauty of the wood, and the clear top coat finish provides a durable surface. Many of our stains are available as a sample chip for you to see. We do our sample chips on birch veneer so that you get a good idea what that color will look like. No two pieces of wood are exactly alike, and therefore the final color of your product can vary slightly. To request a free sample chip of any of the stain colors, just click on the link below and send us your mailing adddress and we'll get one out to you promptly.

Send me a Stain Sample!

Click HERE to see available STAIN FINISH colors in a large format chart.

  Natural Maple/Clear Gloss    $35.00
  Vintage Cherry    $35.00
  Empire Red    $35.00
  Natural Maple    $35.00
  Merlot    $35.00
  Ebony    $35.00
  Light Brown    $35.00
  Brazilian Dark Cherry    $35.00
  Espresso    $35.00
  Medium Brown    $35.00
  Cinnamon    $35.00
  Dark Brown    $35.00
  Hold for my color choice, I've ordered sample chips to see    $0.00
(we will adjust your order as needed once color choice has been finalized)

Click HERE to see available Stain options

(Please place any special instructions you may have about your item here. If we have any questions, or there is a problem with something you've ordered, we will contact you prior to starting on your order.)

If you are ordering your product without a paint or stain finish, we just need to know if you plan to stain it or if you plan to paint it. If you mark below that you plan to paint it, the product will be primed only. Ready to Paint means that we have primed it, caulked all the joints, and sanded it. It is actually READY for you to paint it.

I plan to PAINT this product! (It will automatically come with the "Ready to Paint" finish.

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