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In-the-wall Plastic Bevel frame Toilet Paper Holder

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Specification Sheet

Item was perfect, and it arrived sooner than expected!!! Thanks.

- J. Crimmi

Have you ever wondered why recessed toilet paper holders don't actually recess? It's because of how they are made. Our unique recessed toilet paper holders FULLY recess into the wall with only the frame on the outside, which serves to cover up the rough edges of your wall opening. Additionally, we are the only manufacturer to raise the roller. Why is this important? When you put a new roll on the roller, the roll hangs down about ?" because the core of the roll is bigger than the roller. That means that it usually drags on the bottom of the holder until you use some. We raise our rollers to account for that larger core. So even new rolls won't drag. . All the features you want, but in a very handsome, durable and good looking model. White color only at this time. This holder requires an opening in the wall that is 5 5/8 square. They use nearly the full wall depth at 3.5" deep inside. Easily handles any roll except the largest Charmin Mega Rolls or Costco rolls. Those are about the same size and do not work well until you've used part of the roll since they are so large. Hugs the wall and only protrudes approximately 1/2". Easy installation using only construction adhesive on the back of the frame - then just push it in the wall. It just glues right to your drywall! Will never rust. Plastic has antimicrobial properties built right into it, so it will help to prevent the spread of germs.