Cabinet Solutions for Apartment Living

Making renovations can be an effective way to give your apartment units a refresh and attract new tenants. If you’re planning to make updates, consider the following ideas to transform your units into upgraded, refreshed spaces with optimum storage solutions.

Considerations When Designing a Refreshed, Elevated Apartment

There are plenty of ways you can go about updating your units. As you consider upgrades, you’ll want to think about what things renters want to see most in their apartments. Some of the best places to focus your renovations are the kitchen and bathroom, especially as renters want more functional storage spaces in their homes.

If you choose to focus on these rooms, you’ll likely want to aim for more minimal changes that make a big impact but keep your apartment renovation costs low. For example, updating countertops, adding more lighting and increasing storage options can completely refresh a kitchen or bathroom without requiring an investment in a total remodel.

How WG Wood Products Can Help

WG Wood Products offers customizable wood cabinets and storage solutions you can use to transform your apartment units. Our extensive selection includes unique custom wood cabinets, beautiful medicine cabinets and other high-quality cabinetry, all of which feature style and function.

Here are just a few examples of WG Wood Products you can include in your bathroom and kitchen renovations:

  • Medicine cabinets: The best medicine cabinets add to a bathroom’s overall look and appeal while maximizing storage space. Our medicine cabinets for apartment buildings are ideal for small bathrooms and are designed to be sturdy, spacious and stylish to add sophistication and storage space.
  • Frameless cabinets: Our frameless cabinets offer seamless storage space for apartments. This mirrorless and handleless cabinet style is designed to be an attractive accent that enhances the look of a bathroom.
  • Wall niches: A wall niche is an inventive way to add more room unobtrusively. Easy to install and customize, wall niches are long-lasting and serve as a great addition to any room in your apartment units, including the kitchen.
  • Bathroom storage and organization cabinets: WG Wood Products has a variety of bathroom storage and organization cabinets that make it simple to keep an apartment well-organized.

Why Choose WG Wood Products for Your Apartment Units

WG Wood Products is the right choice for you and your apartment renovation projects for several reasons:

  • Recessed wall solutions specialists: WG Wood Products specializes in recessed wall cabinetry and storage solutions. Installation is quick and easy and doesn’t require major changes or costs. We go above and beyond in customization and offer you the best solutions for your apartment’s needs.
  • Quality material: Everything we create is made exclusively of solid wood. Solid wood is a reliable material that lasts longer and is much more stylish – great for apartment units because our cabinets will last the wear of renters.
  • Customization: You can customize every one of our products to create storage solutions that work perfectly for what you have in mind for your buildings.
  • Top-notch service: We pride ourselves on the service we offer. We deliver quality products you can rely on.

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