Wooden Literature Racks

If you’re looking for a way to gather all your magazines and reading material together, our literature racks offer a convenient, attractive and easy DIY solution. At WG Wood Products, we build custom recessed magazine racks that are perfect for bathrooms, offices, nooks and anywhere else you want to get more organized.

Custom Magazine Racks Made From Solid Wood

We manufacture our literature racks from solid pine for quality you can feel and see. Unlike racks you attach to the wall, our products are recessed. They go into your drywall to use space you already have behind the walls, making the room feel bigger and look more polished.

These products come ready to mount, and you only need a few simple tools to put yours into the wall. All you have to do is measure, hand-cut a hole in your drywall and slide the magazine rack into place. Construction adhesive holds it there for a lasting bond.

What to Consider When Buying Literature Racks

With our literature racks, you can create a custom item that provides the right look and perfect fit. These racks are permanent improvements that will last a lifetime anywhere they’re installed. Take time to consider the following questions to make sure you end up with the ideal product.

How Big Is the Area?

The first thing to consider is what size space you have. Our double and triple literature racks are available in standard sizes, or you can enter custom height and width dimensions for a precise fit.

How Many Magazines Do You Want to Store?

In their standard depth of 3.5 inches, our literature racks hold up to eight magazines per slot. Racks built for 2×6 studs or walls with no depth restriction will hold more. Knowing this will help you determine whether a double or triple magazine rack is best for you.

Do You Prefer Dowel or Fence Options?

Our literature racks have the option to use a single dowel, triple dowel or fence to hold books and magazines. You can select one of the dowel options or choose from four different fence styles to match your decor at no extra cost.

Do You Want a Finish for Your Literature Rack?

Another advantage our magazine racks offer is the ability to order them finished in your choice of paint or stain. There are over a dozen options we can apply at the factory, or we can ship unfinished so you can make it your own.

Browse Our Literature Racks to Get Started

At WG Wood Products, we build our products to order, and we can ship any custom order in under 30 days. Plus, all our literature racks ship for free anywhere in the continental U.S. Select any rack to begin creating your custom design that fits your space and budget.

Have a few questions or need help with your order? Reach out using our contact form or call 913-829-6000 today.