Wooden Double Toilet Paper Holders

With a recessed double toilet paper holder from WG Wood Products, you can make the smallest room in your home feel that much bigger. These products are customizable and easy to install, improving the way your bathroom looks while helping you reclaim valuable space.

Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

These bathroom upgrades are easy for virtually anyone to install. Unlike the store-bought toilet tissue holders that mount to the wall, these innovative products fit inside. You can put one in during a remodel or install it as an upgrade to your finished bathroom in just a few simple steps. All you need to do is cut a hole, slip the toilet paper holder into place and glue it on using common construction adhesive.

What Makes Our Toilet Paper Holders Different?

A dual-roll toilet tissue dispenser doubles your normal capacity while taking up less space than standard on-the-wall single-roll holders. With one of these built into your wall, you can ensure you and your guests always have enough tissue on-hand and never run out.

Lasting Construction

Our double toilet paper holders are made from solid wood. You can enjoy your custom product for as long as you own your home, and it is sure to impress anyone when it comes time to sell. These holders can withstand years of use much better than products made from particleboard or MDF, and you can always paint or stain them to change how they look when you remodel the space.

Customization and Variety

We offer the opportunity to customize several key details so you can create a toilet paper holder that matches your bathroom aesthetic. Multiple base designs are available as a starting point, with each of them large enough to accommodate any size roll, including mega and jumbo sizes.

Once you have a preferred style picked out, you can make it yours with:


  • Options to match your stud size: These all come made for installation between 2×4 studs. If your home uses 2×6 studs, let us know and we can accommodate the depth.
  • Colors to match your home: We can ship your toilet paper holder unfinished, or you can choose from one of our paint and stain options and we”ll send it ready to mount.


The Benefits of Ordering From WG Wood Products

At WG Wood Products, we make it simple to order what you need and have it made to your specifications. When you customize one of our double-roll toilet paper holders, you’ll also enjoy:


  • Free shipping: Each of our recessed double toilet paper holders ships free via ground freight in the continental U.S.
  • Confident shopping: We have a 99% 5-star customer satisfaction rating with over 1.5 million satisfied customers served and counting.


Order a Dual-Roll Toilet Tissue Dispenser That Matches Your Bathroom

Start customizing your new double toilet paper holder today by selecting your preferred style and checking off which options you want to include. If you have any questions, we’re here to help! Call 913-829-6000 or contact us online today.