Frameless Pantry Cabinets

Frameless Pantry Cabinets

Pantries provide valuable storage for the kitchen. When you install our products, you can add more shelving and storage to yours. At WG Wood products, we manufacture custom frameless pantry cabinets that install into your walls.

These cabinets are functional, attractive kitchen features that give you more room without taking up space. With any of our frameless pantry cabinets, you can customize virtually every detail to create a one-of-a-kind design or match your existing cabinet set.

Are Frameless Cabinets Better?

With pantry cabinets, the better option is the product that best meets your unique needs. If you want a clean, modern look, loads of storage and the opportunity for incredible customization, these cabinets have everything you need. Frameless kitchen cabinets have a flat side profile that makes your kitchen or pantry feel that much larger. You can also choose to remove the doors to create open pantry shelving.

Questions to Ask When Adding Pantry Cabinets

These cabinets are fully customizable, built to last and simple to install — regardless of experience or skill level. Still, there are a few questions to ask when selecting frameless pantry cabinets to ensure you get the right fit, features and appearance you want yours to deliver.

1. What Shelving Solutions Fit Your Needs?

Frameless cabinets vary. What works for your home may not be right for another. When shopping for your frameless pantry cabinets, think about the features you would like to include to make your life easier and open up more space. You can take advantage of multiple options like reversible doors, adjustable shelves and LED lighting to help you see in the dark.

2. What Material Is the Best Quality?

Market-wide, you’ll find frameless cabinets made from particleboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and solid wood. Solid wood cabinets are the best quality option on the market and the only material you can depend on to look good years after installation. We only use solid wood, manufacturing all our frameless pantry cabinets and doors with a combination of pine and maple.

3. What Size and Look Are Right for Your Pantry?

Homes and pantries are all unique in their sizes and the way they look. Pantry storage for small kitchens will look different than storage solutions for wide, open spaces. Your new frameless pantry cabinets need to complement your kitchen, or they will stick out, create more work during installation or might not even fit the space. With ours, you can customize practically every detail.

Get More Storage Space With Our Frameless Pantry Cabinets

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture a complete line of frameless pantry cabinets that you can customize to match all your specifications, including the height, depth, hardware and finish. Pick any of our products to start building your dream cabinets and enjoy free shipping on all orders.

You can also reach out to the experts for help. Our team can assist you in selecting the right style, dimensions and features to match your needs. Contact us online or dial 913-829-6000 to get started.