Wall Mounted Wood Spice Cabinets

On-the-wall spice cabinets provide convenient access for your kitchen spices when you need them to cook and attractive storage when you want to put them away. At WG Wood Products, we manufacture wall-mounted cabinets in custom sizes and let you choose the finish. We’ll deliver a spice cabinet that fits all the spices you want to store and complements your home decor.

What Makes Our Wall Mounted Spice Cabinet Unique

Our spice cabinets stand out among the rest in how they’re made and what they’re manufactured with.

The Forever Cabinet for Your Forever Home

With our wall-mounted spice cabinets, you’re getting a product made to stand the test of time. We build each of them using solid wood, using pine and maple in construction. They are stronger, more durable and will last much longer than particleboard cabinets and those made from MDF.

You’re in Control

Our wall spice cabinets are made to order, and you’re in control of design from start to finish. You can customize virtually every feature to create a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly complements your home:


  • Choose your size: We have multiple sizes listed for sale, but our selection goes beyond that. If your ideal spice cabinet is a different size than what you see listed, choose the one with the next closest height and type in your custom dimensions. We’ll match them to create the perfect fit.
  • Select your door: You can choose from a wide selection of different cabinet doors to match your existing kitchen cabinetry, including solid doors and options made for use with glass panels. We have options suitable for use with virtually any cabinets, including homes with contemporary, modern or traditional decor.
  • Pick a finish: Our wall-mounted spice cabinets arrive ready to mount with your choice of paint or wood stain. We offer over a dozen options to choose from, and you can always sand yours down and apply something new if you ever want to change the way it looks.


For helpful illumination when you’re looking for spices, LED lighting is available as an affordable option. You can also add hinge restrictor clips that stop the door from opening past 90 degrees — the perfect addition for spice cabinets mounted near walls, cabinetry and anything else you want to protect.

Why Order Your Spice Cabinet From WG Wood Products?

We make it easy to design high-quality custom wooden spice cabinets and have them delivered directly to your door. The benefits of shopping with us include:


  • We don’t charge for shipping: All our spice racks ship free of charge to your home.
  • Our customers become lifelong fans: We have a 99% average customer feedback rating of 5.0 stars.
  • We offer the expertise you need: We have over 10,000 products with 1.5 million users.


Start Customizing Your Dream Spice Cabinet

Click on any wall spice cabinet to get started. To learn more about our products or for help placing an order, send us a message using our contact form or call 913-829-6000.