Single Toilet Paper Holders

If you’re looking for a way to make your bathroom feel bigger, our single toilet paper holders are the perfect DIY solution. While most toilet paper holders stick out into the room, these are recessed back into the wall. They use the space between your wall studs to tuck your toilet paper in and give you more room to stretch.

How Our Recessed Single Toilet Paper Holders Work

There is a lot of open space behind your bathroom walls, and most of the time, it is underutilized. Many toilet paper holders call themselves recessed, but they really aren’t.  If you look at them, they are only recessing about 1.5″ into the wall.   What about the other 2.5″ of depth?  That’s wasted.   Our recessed toilet paper holders take advantage of the whole wall depth, tucking most of the toilet paper roll out of the way compared to your wall-mounted rack.

Virtually anyone can install these toilet paper holders and get professional results, whether you’re performing a top-to-bottom bathroom remodel or want a fast home improvement project you can complete in an afternoon. All you need is a tape measure, a few hand tools and construction glue.

What Makes Our Toilet Paper Holders Different?

At WG Wood Products, we may not have invented the recessed toilet paper holder, but we have perfected it. Nearly all of our toilet paper holders fit any size roll, including double, jumbo and mega rolls. They also offer higher quality compared to products available from big box stores and other suppliers, making our toilet paper cabinets a much better investment for your home.

Solid Wood Construction

Our selection of recessed toilet paper holders includes multiple designs made from solid wood. We build each of these products using 100% solid pine, screws and wood glue, making them more durable than those made from other materials. Our toilet paper cabinets are also more versatile since you can paint or stain them to your desires, or you can buy them in any of our pre-finished colors.

Customization Options

When you shop WG Wood Products, you can create solid wood toilet paper holders that match your home decor. Select from a variety of designs to get started, and it’s easy to customize details like the:


  • Roller: A white plastic toilet paper roller comes standard with all our holders. If you prefer to have a chrome roller, you can switch to one for free as an available option.
  • Depth: Our single toilet paper holders are built for walls with 2×4 studs. If you have 2×6 studs or more, let us know and we can customize the dimensions to fit your space.
  • Finish: All our products come unfinished unless you select one of our finishes.  Other options include different paints and wood stains, with over a dozen to select from for the right match.


Order a Solid Wood Toilet Paper Holder Today

We manufacture all our single toilet paper holders in the USA and ship for free anywhere in the continental U.S. Order today, and we’ll have your order complete within about 10 days. If you have questions about our wooden toilet paper cabinets or would like assistance placing an order, let us know! Feel free to contact us online or call 913-829-6000.