Wooden Combination Toilet Paper Holders with Storage

Bathrooms are cozy spaces in just about any home, and we’ve created a way to help you reclaim your valuable space. Our wooden toilet paper cabinets with storage are the ideal way to put your toilet paper, spare toilet paper rolls, magazines, books and more within reach but out of the way.

How Do These Toilet Paper Holders Work?

These products are easy to install as part of a remodel or home upgrade. They require no hardware to mount and instead rely on construction adhesive to form a lasting bond. All you have to do is cut a hole, put your wooden toilet paper storage in the gap and glue it into place. The frame will hide all your cut edges. Once secure, you can count on yours to last for as long as you own your home.

What Makes Our Toilet Paper Holders With Storage Cabinets Unique?

Our toilet paper holders are innovative DIY home additions that you can use to solve multiple challenges with one convenient solution. They also offer extra benefits when compared to other options for bathroom storage.

Durable Construction

We build our combination toilet paper holders with storage cabinets using solid pine, making them more durable and more appealing than other options on the market. In addition to standing up well against nicks and damage, the solid wood construction means you can sand and refinish your holder, making it a long-term fixture that you can change with the look of your home.

Product Customization

With any of our wooden toilet paper storage cabinets, you’re in control. We make our products to order, letting you create a cabinet that matches your preferences, decor and home design. When ordering, you can choose unfinished or go with your choice of over a dozen paints and stains. You can also select your frame and whether you need a holder that fits 2×4 or 2×6 studs.

What You Get When You Order From WG Wood Products

Combination toilet paper holders with storage units from WG Wood Products make even the smallest bathroom look and feel larger and more organized. When you order from us, our products deliver even more perks you can enjoy, including:


  • Free shipping: If you order from an address within the continental U.S., shipping via ground freight is free of charge.
  • Fast production: We manufacture all our wooden toilet paper holders in the U.S., and most ship out in 10 to 30 days.
  • Superior care: With over 10,000 products made and counting, we have the expertise to meet or beat your expectations.


Upgrade Your Bathroom With Customized Wooden Toilet Paper Storage

Choose the wooden toilet paper cabinet with storage that you like best to start designing yours today. You can always reach out to our team for help making one that fits perfectly in your home. Call 913-829-6000 or use our contact form to get help or ask us any questions.