Terms and Conditions

TERMS OF SERVICE – Revised March 2021

  1. Lead Times – Our products are all custom hand crafted and made on demand.  We do not stock any products.  This is because with over 1,000 products, multiplied by many different customization options, it creates millions of possible combinations.  Your order will enter the queue with every other order we receive.  Typical lead times can range anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on multiple factors such as the type of product you are ordering, as well as the volume and complexity of all other orders we are trying to produce at the same time.  We spend the proper amount of time on each product to ensure our high-quality standards.  We understand that sometimes, the longer lead times of custom products doesn’t always fit into your project timeline.  If you need to get your product on a faster timeline, we MAY be able to do that for an additional fee, depending on the type of product.  For products which have doors, we may or may not have doors in stock, so they must be ordered and that will affect the overall lead time.  Just give us a call at 913-829-6000 and we can tell you what options you may have.
  2. Cancellations – Orders can only be canceled within 72 hours of placing the order.  If cancelling an order, it absolutely MUST be done in writing and we ask you to put your name, order number, reason for cancelation and in the subject line the word CANCELATION REQUEST. We will not accept any order cancellations or order changes over the phone.  It is too easy for miscommunications to happen. Therefore, it needs to be in writing.  This protects both you and us from any miscommunications and/or lost or misdirected emails, letters in the USPS Mail, etc.  If cancelling an order, we will provide you with a confirmation number for cancellation and will honor your request.  Cancellation is NOT valid or confirmed without that cancellation confirmation number from us.   When cancelling an order, be advised that there will be a restocking fee up of to 75% of the product cost depending on how far along the product is in the manufacture process and/or if we have already ordered any doors or other parts for your product.  But the minimum cancellation fee will be 20% of the total product cost (not including shipping). We’ve already invested some labor time in working your order into our production queue, and we may have even ordered parts for it.  We should be compensated for that lost productivity.  If you refuse shipment of an order, NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED.
  3. Problems/Defects – It is the customers responsibility to check the receiving order within 30 days from date of receiving the order and report any problems/defects in this time frame ( Please note we are not responsible for product left in storage or garages, etc. until it is ready for installation from a project you are doing, thus running out of time). It is highly advisable you contact us first on OUR product problems/Defects instead of getting information from a contractor and or installer.  As they are skilled at installing, we are VERY skilled at our product line as we make all products MADE TO ORDER.  We usually help 99.9 % of all problems in field with our product.  If there is an issue with a product received, you agree to contact us FIRST so that we can try to resolve that issue for you.  Rest assured, that whatever remedy WG Wood proposes, it will be more than fair, and that it most definitely will solve your issue, and it will be the remedy you agree to.  By placing your custom order and agreeing to our terms and policies, you agree to waive any rights to disputing charges with your credit card provider and allow us to resolve the problem.  Depending on the problem, remedies may include replacing parts on up to replacing an entire order if that is deemed necessary to solve the problem (this would be in limited circumstances).  You agree to keep the product you received along with all its packing materials and boxes for a minimum of 10 days or until we determine whether we want to ship that item back to us or not.  If we are returning anything to us due to an error on our part, we will pay the return shipping.

3a.   Shipping Signature Required – It is our policy that every shipment with a value over $150 will go with a signature required service.  This protects both you as well as us.  Often times, our shipments can be valued over $700 and more.  Once the product is picked up by the carrier, they take responsibility for it – except for when it comes to paying claims for lost and stolen items.  Then the carriers always try to find some reason to deny a claim.   This is one of the reasons why we insure our packages using a third party insurance, but they also require signature deliveries in order to pay claims for lost and stolen packages.  Once the package leaves our facility, we cannot change a signature delivery.  You, as the customer, have the ability to contact that carrier and request that it be held at their sort facility for you to pick up, but that is the extent of your options regarding signature delivery.  If you wish to change or waive the Direct Signature Required (DSR) from your shipment, we will need your request by email.  Our Shipping Manager will acknowledge that request and attempt to comply with your wishes.  However, WG Wood Products will have no responsibility for the shipment once the carrier has picked it up.  

  1. Returns – No returns are allowed.  Our customers understand that these are custom products and are built exclusively for you with your options and choices.  When you purchase the product and it is delivered to you, ownership is yours.  In the unlikely event that we do agree to return a product that is not damaged, unless due to our error, you agree that you will be responsible for the return shipping and that you will insure that package against damage.  If it gets damaged coming back to us, you will be filing a claim to recoup your costs.  We will not pay any credit for damaged products coming back to us. If you return an order to us without a written authorization from us, NO CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED.  
  2. Change Orders – Change orders are allowed; however, you will pay a change order fee of not less than $30 and could be more depending on what the change is.  If the change requires new doors to be ordered, that will cost more because we will still have to pay for and take delivery of doors which are now incorrect. 
  3. Damages – We insure all our shipments and we pack them extremely well!  If there is a damaged product received, you agree to contact us immediately so that we can try to resolve that issue for you.  We will handle filing any claims for damages with our insurance provider.  You agree to provide us with as many photos as we require so that we can file claims for the damages and recoup our losses.  Additionally, you agreed to provide us with a sworn statement that the product was received damaged for our insurance company.  If it is only partially damaged, we will replace what needs to be replaced and you will use the existing parts you already have to make up the balance of the product.  Any damage claim paid on the product will be paid to WG Wood.
  4. Incorrect Orders – In the unusual event that you receive an item which does not appear to be what you ordered, you agree to contact us immediately and save all boxes and packing materials for at least 10 days.  If you fail to do so, you agree to provide enough packaging to ensure its safe return to us. We will ensure that package coming back to us and if it is damaged in shipment coming back to us, we will handle filing the claim for those damages and any claim will be paid to WG Wood.
  5. Estimated Shipping – Most orders from our website will ship for free ($50.00 and over in sales).   Volume orders will have estimated shipping included in the quote.  

Order Status Updates – Our current site does not have the ability to provide order status updates, but our new website (launching in 2020) will have that function.  In the interim, if you need an order status update, please email us at wgwoodproducts@comcast.net or call us anytime at 913-829-6000.  We are a small Company and we may not always be able to answer your call.  However, leave a message and we WILL most definitely contact you back with an update.  We want open and honest communication with our customers because we believe you deserve that.

9. Personal Checks – we do accept personal checks, however, there is a 10-day hold placed on your order while your check clears.

10.  Substitutions – We reserve the right to make minor changes to any item from what may be pictured on the website or in our advertising. However, any changes will not materially affect the use or design of the item.

11. Notes about Solid Wood Products – Any genuine wood product breathes. Wood is porous and so it naturally either accepts moisture or evaporates moisture so that it can match the moisture level of the air surrounding it. This natural process can cause things such as slight warping, bending or seam shrinking, etc. to occur. This is not a manufacturing defect, but rather a natural characteristic of real wood and will not be deemed a defect. 

12.  About Stain Finishes – Since our products are made from solid wood, if you order a stained finish such as Espresso, do not expect it to look like something you would buy in a store. All store-bought finishes on shelves and most put together type furniture are computer generated laminated finishes. These are not true solid wood stained finishes. Our stained finishes will look different because the stain brings out all the nuances in the wood grain. That is the beauty and charm of solid wood products. And since no two trees are identical, no two pieces of wood will take stain the same way. And even different 

stains will absorb into the wood differently. Water based stains such as Espresso absorb very quickly into the wood – faster than you can wipe it!  However, oil-based stains penetrate the wood slower and sometimes produce a more even color finish.  Different woods such as pine can sometimes appear blotchy and there is nothing to be done about that.  Even using wood conditioner prior to staining has minimal effect. 

13.  Doors – Door are Solid maple unless ordered in a specific wood species.  In all cases, however, solid wood doors do have the possibility of warping slightly. 


  1. Rights to Cancel – WG Wood Products reserves the right to cancel any order at any time and refund the payment made for the cancelled order. Reasons for cancellation may include, but are not limited to, inadvertent pricing errors on the website or unexpected raw material shortages. In this case it is out of our control.

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  1. Website Images

Our website uses many different types of images.  Lifestyle images (images showing a product installed in someone’s home), as well as product images of various angles, inside, back, close up, etc.  We always choose to show a lifestyle image as our primary image if we have one available.  We do not always have those images because we rely primarily on customers to send us photos of their installed products which we use for our lifestyle images.  Often times, those images may also contain things such as handles, knobs or other accessories which are NOT part of the product we ship to our customers.  Therefore, while we will try our best to note on an image if it is showing something that doesn’t come with the product, we cannot always do that, and you understand and accept that.  ALL of our products on the site ship UNFINISHED unless you choose from the available options that we offer (many are at no cost).  Among those options are many color finishes.  When you place your order on the site, if you do not choose a finish, your product will come UNFINISHED and we will not replace or exchange that item if you failed to choose a finish.