Wooden Pet Food Holders

Pets should be able to enjoy their meals without having to lower or stretch their necks. Our custom pet food holders let you provide a comfortable experience for the animals you love. Unlike standalone products that come in pre-defined heights, ours mount on the wall or the side of your cabinetry. You can place yours at the best level for your pet’s size.

Options for Every Size Pet

Our pet food holders come in two-, three- and four-bowl sets, letting you accommodate multiple pets and still have space for water. Options made to fit half-pint-, pint- and quart-sized bowls are available to match your animal’s needs. We include the corresponding number of stainless steel bowls with your purchase.

Why Purchase Our Custom Pet Food Holders?

Our pet food holders stand out for multiple reasons. With these products, you get the benefit of:

  • Superior durability: These products have a quality, solid pine construction. You and your pet can depend on yours to last for years.
  • Custom options: You can order our pet bowl holders unfinished or select from a long list of attractive paints and stains to match your desired look.
  • Affordable cost: Our solid-wood pet food holders have reasonable prices. They also qualify for free shipping to addresses within the continental U.S.

Make Things Easier on Your Pet

Start customizing your pet food holder today, and we’ll get to work on building it to your specifications. We make each holder to meet your specifications, with short lead times ranging between 10 and 30 days.

If you have questions or would like help with your order, reach out to us online or dial 913-829-6000.