Framed Pantry Cabinets

Just about every home could use some extra room in the pantry. These cabinets quickly fill up, and it gets hard to find what you are looking for and see what you have. Our products help you organize your kitchen and pantry to become more organized and create a more attractive space.

At WG Wood Products, we offer custom-built framed kitchen storage cabinets that you can install using space you already have – the space inside your walls! These cabinets come in a wide range of styles, and we make each one to-order to match your measurements and desired appearance.

Why Choose a Framed Pantry Cabinet?

Framed pantry cabinets have the traditional look common to most kitchens. These cabinets go with virtually any home decor style, including modern, contemporary and transitional designs. The frame adds durability to the cabinet door and a little extra dimension to the cabinet face. Framed pantry cabinets offer remarkable design freedom.

Considerations for Pantry Cabinets

One of the greatest advantages when installing new cabinetry from WG Wood Products is the chance to install something that meets all your requirements. Instead of working around the cabinets that came with your home, you get to choose the color, style and materials for your new framed chefs pantry, adding convenience to your life, visual appeal to your kitchen and value to your home.

Selecting the right framed pantry cabinets is an important decision. Several considerations can help you save time, money and effort on the project.

Select Shelving That Works for You

Kitchen storage cabinets come in a wide range of styles to deliver the features you need. You can select cabinets with single or multiple doors, designs with shelves in different configurations and cabinetry that includes a wide range of other features like LED lighting and hinge clips that restrict door movement to preserve your cabinetry and kitchen appliances.

Choose Quality That Lasts

Whenever you have the chance to install new permanent home fixtures, use quality products. At WG Wood Products, we manufacture all our framed pantry cabinets in the USA using solid wood that we source from trusted suppliers. Our wood kitchen storage cabinets offer superior longevity — especially when you compare them to cabinets made from particleboard and medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

Have the Size and Look You Want

Homes are unique. During any remodel, it’s important to select cabinetry that matches the space. Cabinets built to the right size and style will deliver a seamless fit and look the best. With our framed pantry cabinets, you get complete custom control over virtually every detail. We help you create the perfect complementary piece with finishes that include a wide selection of paint and stain options.

Create Your Dream Pantry With WG Wood Products

Make your pantry feel bigger with any of our framed pantry cabinet customized to your exact preferences. Browse our products to pick your starting point, or reach out to our team for help designing your dream kitchen pantry cabinets today. You can contact us online or connect over the phone by calling 913-829-6000.