Recessed Bathroom Niches

Bathrooms are challenging spaces to decorate. Whether you have a full, half or master bathroom you want to upgrade or remodel, you’ll need to get creative if you want to make the best use of your space. At WG Wood Products, our recessed bathroom niches help you overcome the most complicated obstacles.

What Is a Bathroom Niche?

A recessed bathroom niche is shelving that installs into the wall, creating more room without taking up space. These products help you make any bathroom look and feel larger, and our niches offer the ultimate in creative control.

At WG Wood Products, we manufacture a complete line of bathroom niches that you can customize to match your preferred look and specifications.

What to Consider Before Choosing Your Bathroom Shelving

These shelves are going to be in your bathroom for years. You’ll want to consider a few important details before deciding on your best buy.

1. Niche Size

While off-the-shelf solutions come in standard sizes and dimensions, bathrooms are virtually all unique. With our products, you get to choose the height, width and depth for a custom design that meets your needs and matches the look of your space. We can also accommodate homes using 2×6 studs and bathrooms with unrestricted wall depth for all the storage you want to gain.

2. Niche Quality

With recessed bathroom niches, you have the choice to buy products made from wood or niche shelving made from particleboard or medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Don’t use MDF in a bathroom because if it gets wet, it will immediately be ruined.  At WG Wood Products, we only manufacture niches using solid wood. Bathroom wall niches made from solid wood will deliver the longest life and the best return on your investment. Plus, they always look better than imitation products.

3. Design Freedom

A bathroom remodel is your chance to create a space that best works for you. If you limit yourself to what you can buy at the local big-box store, you’ll be restricted to a few styles, designs and looks. With our bathroom wall niches, you have control over virtually every detail, including the frame, finish, and the option to install LED lighting for added visibility.

4. Timeline and Shipping Costs

In any bathroom remodel, you will always get the best results when you plan ahead of time. Even a few weeks can make all the difference between settling for an off-the-shelf solution and getting the bathroom of your dreams. At WG Wood Products, we can produce your custom bathroom wall niche fast and ship it to you for free within 10 to 30 days of your order.

Order a Custom Bathroom Wall Niche

If you want to make your bathroom feel bigger and more organized and look more attractive, order a custom bathroom wall niche that matches your personal preferences. Choose from the products we have available and start adding your custom features today.

You can also talk to the builders for help making your perfect bathroom niche. Call 913-829-6000 to connect with the WG Wood Products team or start a conversation online.