Framed Medicine Cabinets

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Framed Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

When it comes to bathroom storage and coordination, custom medicine cabinets are the perfect solution to stylish and orderly bathroom organization and space efficiency.

Large recessed medicine cabinets serve various purposes, like safely storing medication and toiletries like toothbrushes, grooming gear, and hair and skin care products in a visually appealing way. These household items can be neatly tucked away into your bathroom cupboard for easy everyday access.

There are many different types of medicine cabinets you can choose from to transform your bathroom space. Whether you’re looking for a sleek non-mirrored variety or prefer the subtlety of a concealed recessed medicine cabinet, you can be sure that your storage piece will improve the look and functionality of your restroom.

What Is a Framed Medicine Cabinet?

Framed medicine cabinets are bathroom cupboards used to stow away hygiene products and medications. These useful storage features offer easy-open doors to conceal toiletries and are typically mounted above sinks and toilets. Framed medicine cabinets are known for their durable, highly functional framework which allows you to safely store as many items as you please without the fear of structural damage.  Framed medicine cabinets are just that – they have a frame and a door on the outside of the wall, only recessing the box portion into the wall.  The frame serves a second purpose though – it covers the rough edges of the drywall opening for a clean finished look.

What Makes a Frameless Medicine Cabinet Different?

Frameless medicine cabinets are just that – they have no front frame.  Instead, we use a thin plastic trim surround which serves the purpose of the frame and covers up the rough edges of the drywall opening.  That leaves only the door on the outside of the wall surface.  Why would you want this?  Many people prefer the look of having nothing but the door on the outside of the wall.  But there is a tradeoff – With framed cabinets, you get an extra 3/4″ of space INSIDE the cabinet because of the depth of the frame being behind the door.  But since a frameless cabinet doesn’t have that frame, you are left with only the depth of the actual box itself.

Why Choose WG Wood Products for Specialty Bathroom Cabinets?

At WG Wood Products, our cabinets come in a variety of attractive, unique design options such as no-mirror and large recessed medicine cabinets so you can choose what works best with your bathroom. We can even customize your medicine cabinet for no additional cost so your cupboard will suit your personal tastes.

Our wide selection of framed cabinets is diverse, stylish and comes with various sizing and shipping benefits for our customers.

Solid Wood Cabinets

There’s no medium as classic or versatile as solid wood. Whether your bathroom is modern or contemporary, our solid wood cabinets will be sure to complement your decor. At WG Wood Products, we use nothing less than high-quality solid wood for optimal durability.

Custom Sizing

Bathrooms come in all different shapes and sizes. And so do medicine cabinets.   In fact, there is no real “standard” when it comes to medicine cabinets.  Every manufacturer seems to have their own sizes for their own reasons.  We offer more sizes and styles than any other manufacturer, and if our size options don’t work for you, don’t worry – we custom size! That’s why we offer custom sizing options for all of our bathroom cupboards so your custom medicine cabinet will fit perfectly into any space.

Free Shipping

Shipping prices can get costly for more sizable items like large recessed medicine cabinets. At WG Wood Products, we waive pricey transportation costs by providing you with free shipping so you can buy your dream cabinet without breaking the bank.

Non-Mirrored Cabinets for Your Project

If you already have a standing or wall-mounted mirror in your bathroom, you can order one of our framed medicine cabinets with no mirrors to better fit with your bathroom decor. Our no-mirror medicine cabinets are sleek, stylish and fit for any washroom space.

Recessed Capability to Solve Storage Issues

Our large concealed recessed medicine cabinets are excellent space-saving storage solutions for any bathroom. These convenient cupboards are attached directly into the wall, so they’ll never jut out or take up extra space.

Choose Your Quality Framed Medicine Cabinet Today

For expertly crafted custom medicine cabinets, WG Wood Products is your quality cupboard destination. From cabinets to toilet paper holders to spice racks and more, we have the unique designs that you can’t get anywhere else. Our fully customizable solid wood storage solutions come with free shipping and are made right here in the U.S.

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